Some People's Kids: No Wonder Steve Phillips Doesn't Have a Job Anymore..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

No Wonder Steve Phillips Doesn't Have a Job Anymore..

Who is this broad? I haven't the slightest clue, but let me tell ya, it wouldn't be the worst mistake Steve Phillips has made. It is pretty bad, mind you, but even ugly chicks need love too. Cheer up, Steve... You can always turn off the lights.

Now, I watch Sportscenter quite a bit. Probably too much actually. In watching Sportscenter over the past couple years, I have seen numerous baseball segments involving "Expert" Steve Phillips, former GM of the New York Mets and current baseball analyst for ESPN. To date, I don't think that one of his predictions, or one bit of advice for other clubs has come to fruition. In trying to sift through the numerous World Series predictions gone wrong to all the brutal trade scenarios, I could never really recall a certain incident that stuck out in my mind though... until tonight.

Sportscenter was showing a story on the new manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Joe Torre. Afterwards, they tried to chronicle how the mediocre Dodgers could become contenders in the National League next year. Of course, they went to the Guru Phillips. In really breaking down the situation, Phillips went on to state that all the Dodgers needed to do was to target three positions. Third base, Centerfield, and improve Starting Pitching. Seems simple enough. Sounds like what 90% of baseball needs to do. Then, he went on to say that the Dodgers need to get either Miguel Cabrera or Alex Rodriguez to fill the 3rd base slot, Andrew Jones or Torii Hunter to fill Center field, and then trade for the best pitcher in baseball in Johan Santana to cure the starting pitching. That would make the Dodgers World Series contenders. Thanks Steve. How about we get a donkey, a goat, a 17 year old prostitute, and a one armed midget to go along with it..

This guy is an "Expert?!?" That was one of the stupidest things I have ever heard aired on live television. Even Kenny Mayne poked fun at his fellow colleague afterwards, saying, "That's Steve employing the unlimited payroll rule."

At first I am floored, but then after a quick search to find some out some other things about Mr. Phillips, the situation makes more sense to me. This is the same guy that has traded away the likes of AJ Burnett and Jason Isringhausen, and probably had something to do with the Victor Zambrano for Scott Kazmir trade to Tampa Bay. I also found out that he was trying to trade a couple "Single A" players for the likes of Jose Cruz Jr. and an over-the-hill Roberto Alomar. Those two "A" players? A couple of guys you might know. Jose Reyes and David Wright. This guy is an idiot and needs to removed from television, STAT. I don't really know what that means, but I think it means "fast." I don't know how he got the Mets GM job way back when, and frankly, I don't care, but what I do know now is why he doesn't have the job anymore.

ESPN does its best to annoy everyone watching by constantly beating stories into submission and concentrating about 80 % of their airtime on about 6 professional teams. I can handle all that. I've learned to deal with it. But please, get this clown off the screen.

I can't afford to get any dumber...


The Inevitable Muck-up said...

I agree. You can't afford to get any dumber.

I have a feeling that Knowledge, Eloquence and a willingness to appear on television everyday is a hard combination to find in former athletes and/or respectable sports writers.

Jay said...

I concur. I saw that 2 and that seems like the formula for the twins too. And like you said 90% of the rest of baseball. Anyways... Who is that chica on his arm? Wow beer goggles much?

Neubiedamus said...

haha... Benny. You character, you.

So.. since they can't find those people you are talking about, they settle for clowns like Phillips and Skip Bayless. I'm sure there are plenty of people lining up for that job.. get them in there. At least they MIGHT have a semblance of a good point. Not "sign Alex Rodriguez, Andrew Jones, and trade for Johan Santana".. That is what I would do on my EA sports Baseball game.

Neubiedamus said...

And Lou Holtz needs to go too.. Lisps that bad should not be allowed on television. Not to mention that he always picks Notre Dame and South Carolina, regardless.

Nick said...

I couldn't believe they even aired his analysis, why do I even watch baseball tonight?