Some People's Kids: April 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007

Get to Know Your New Vikings

For the first year in god knows how long I’m actually happy about the picks that the Vikings made over the weekend. I didn’t want the purple to pick up Brady Quinn because the first word that pop into my head are choke artist… he’d be better suited as an Abercrombie model. Adrian Peterson is too much of a game breaker to pass up and forget all of that injury prone stuff, he’ll be healed by the time camp starts and he won’t be taking the majority of carries in the beginning. At the same time he will help Chester Taylor enough to stop him from hitting the wall as he did last year. Peterson will help sell some tickets and in turn keep games from being blacked out, so poor me can still watch the Vikes suck it up next year.

Chili and Co. also took 3 wide receivers. Sidney Rice came off the board in the second round. The second year man from South Carolina left early to support his mother who has a broken back, this is one of the few valid reasons I see for leaving college early. Williamson also came from SC and that scares a lot of people I’m more afraid of his inability to separate from the defense than anything else. Rice was also described as immature, but try picking out a better adjective for anyone who is 20 years old.

Aundrae Allison of East Carolina was picked up by the Vikings in the 5th round and Chandler Williams of Florida International was our final pick. Williams managed to get himself suspended for 2 games while taking part in that melee with Miami, so come back in a few months to see the mug shot. The player taken shortly before Williams was QB Tyler Thigpen out of Coastal Carolina. Thigpen will probably become a practice squad guy.

Our Third round pick was spent on Fresno State CB Marcus McCauley. McCauley stuck around Fresno long enough to graduate and I respect that in a football player, it means that he is smart and not concerned with how much higher he could have been picked last year, plus he went out of his way to track down Reggie Bush when he had broken free showing that he has speed an tenacity.

Our 4th round pick was Brian Robinson out of Texas. Robinson will rotate in and out with James and Udeze; basically his addition can only make a team that forgot what the sack was a little bit better. He only had 5 ½ last year, but was hurt for part of the season, but did have 6 career blocked kicks. The third and final defensive player taken by the Vikes was Rufus Alexander out of Oklahoma. Alexander will backup our linebackers and spend most of the season on the special teams unit. The cool thing about him is that as a junior he led the team in recorded tackles.

These players will not be the difference between a winning and losing season. Tarvaris Jackson will have a tough season adjusting to the starting job and we still have no number one receiver. People coming back from injury like Chad Greenway and Erasmus James will probably be more significant that everybody drafted but Peterson. As a Vikings fan your best bet is to look at the season as a rebuilding year.

Nobody on offense knows each other unless they're on the line. If your team can stuff the run like it did last year and learn how to pressure the quarterback we're looking at 7 wins. I'd like to see offensive strides from this team and a losing season... that way we end up with another nice draft pick the year after and a team that has had a season to adjust to each other.

Friday, April 27, 2007

LUNCH BREAK: Loose Teeth Edition

Where the hell was Boof with the retaliation? Ozzie would have chewed his ass out! I spent far too much time looking for this stuff on suck a beautiful day. I highly suggest checking out the Will Ferrell video with USC's center.

Torii talks about being hit in the face. (you can see the pitch here)

Baseball + Beer + Guns = angry cousins

Jeff Jordan (Michael’s son) walks on to Illini basketball team.

Pat Neshek interview: on whether he thinks hitters will figure out his pitching style-

“Well, I faced plenty of guys in the minors a bunch of times, and they never picked up on it, never really figured me out.”
Charles Barkley ask TNT to let him cover more Sonics games.

You’re about to face a hurricane!” The Vikings should pick up Will Farrell with a late round draft pick, then we’d have someone who could get to the quarterback.

Gilbert Arenas marks the start of an NBA Live curse on par with the Madden curse.

The Vikings may be able to lose an extra game each season if Roger Goodell has his way.

A-Rod loved by all baseball fans in the future? So crazy it might actually work.


I heard this song while driving to work this morning on my Sirius and I about drove off the bridge I was crossing. I thought that this had to be shared.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Brother aka the NFL

It appears that JaMarcus Russell thinks that he has been spied on by and NFL team. According to an interesting article by Mike Freeman of Sportsline:

Russell claims that at one point recently an NFL team -- he says he does not know which one -- spied on him for a period of several days and possibly longer by assigning someone to follow him.

If this is true, which I believe it very well could be, the NFL is more fucked up then anyone of us every realized. What do you expect to gain by following someone for a "period of several days." For any of the men being drafted or being considered to be drafted, this time of their lives is the most scrutinized time they may ever face. By trailing anyone for a few days you will not gain anything.

If anything the teams should be trailing players on their teams that they have had problems with. Give Adam "pac-man" Jones a baby-sitter per say, and follow him, or give the Bengals ankle bracelets so you know there wear abouts.

I hope whichever team was spying on him found some reason not to draft him in those few days. So when Mr. Russell goes on to be some hall of fame player, all they have to say for why they passed on him was because of something they saw spying on him. Lame.

The picture is what I hope the spy looked like, although I'm sure it didn't come close.

Edit: here is the link

In Theaters Tomorrow...

One word describes this week’s offerings… yawn. Nicholas Cage and Jessica Beil’s breasts hit the screen in an action flick. Some dead kid tries to figure out how he died, says, “ I see live people.” Jamie Kennedy makes me try to kick myself in the face. Wrestler turned actor “stone cold” Steve Austin kills an entire island full of degenerates for an Internet reality T.V. show. In limited release Paul Rudd and Maura Tierney, a guy from “The State” and one of the chicks from “Six Feet Under” star in a film about clam diggers and I am one of 32 people who understood all of those references.

Your box office winner (for lack of a better film) will be Nick Cage’s NEXT. NEXT is about a former magician who can see into the future and must stop some terrorist. Why? Because terrorism is totally hot right how. The film claims to based on real events, but since I’ve never met anyone who can see into the future I call bullshit. The film is based on a Phillip K. Dick novel, but it has been Hollywoodified and thus filled with suckitude. (Books made into films include TOTAL RECALL, BLADE RUNNER, A SCANNER DARKLY, and MINORITY REPORT) Julianne Moore stars alongside Cage and Biel. One-day Biel will get naked and I will die of happiness shortly there after, but until then don’t bother wasting your money.

THE INVISIBLE vexes me, I am terribly vexed. Writer/Director David S. Goyer, known for his superhero films including the BLADE series and the new BATMAN series, directs this film with no stars and no superheroes in sight. A kid dies and wanders earth as a ghost trying to get his loner friend to see him and help him solve his murder mystery. I saw it describes as a cross between GHOST and BRICK.

Jamie Kennedy is not funny, and he tries to prove it once again in KICKIN’ IT OLD SKOOL. Kennedy- the broke man’s Seth Green- plays a guy who knocked himself out attempting to break dance 20 years ago and has now woken out of his coma. The saving graces of this film may come in the form of Bobby Lee and David Hasselhoff and the mom from “That 70’s Show”. If you liked “I love the 80’s” or just the 80’s in general you may laugh at some point during this film. Shoot me.

THE CONDEMNED plays like a royal rumble with killing and weapons. Stone Cold plays a man on death row in a Central American country that is purchased by a TV producer. I think I smell a RUNNING MAN rip off. VINNIE JONES, made famous as Bullet Tooth Toney and Big Chris in Guy Richie’s better films, is Austin’s main antagonist among many. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this film may suck.

DIGGERS is the film that nobody will see, be able to see or regret but they should. Paul Rudd (ANCHORMAN, 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN) is one of the funniest and under appreciated actors around. Adding to Rudd is a stellar cast including Lauren Ambrose who plays Claire on “Six Feet Under”, Ron Eldard from “ER”, Writer/actor Ken Marino who has been on “Reno: 911”, “Stella”, “The State” and an handful of other fantastic comedy shows, Sarah Paulson from “Studio 60” and Maura Tierney from “NewsRadio.” I love all of those programs and am fully confident that I will love this film. Rudd plays a clam digger living in a town full of clam diggers whose fathers were clam diggers. When his father dies and his inherited business is in danger of being swallowed by a corporate entity he must drop his slacker attitude and take charge of his life. I know it sounds stupid, but there are too many factors adding up to allow this film to be bad.


LUNCH BREAK: Chef Wanted Edition

The last two days sucked as far as "news" goes, but finally we've got some stuff worth sharing with you guys. What did we learn? Don't hang around Ricky Davis, Griffey can still hit homeruns, Josh Howard likes CourtTV and delete your text messages if you're getting side action.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

LUNCH BREAK: Eat Fresh! Edition

Brady Quinn likes his Subway, and Trent Green may be the key to the Vikings drafting him (though I don't think we should)

New and ingenious ways to run marathons.

The New York Times breaks down the statistical difference between the A.L. and the N.L.

The MLB says Torii is in trouble for sending Dom. I say bullshit, leave the man alone.

Randball has a mustache fetish, and so do the Orioles. talks T-wolves and the Twilight of KG's productive years.

Carron Butler… Straw chewer extraordinaire. WTF?

Taking power from Mchale is a good thing, but giving more to Glen Taylor probably isn’t.

Kevin Slowey is making a run at Ponson’s spot in the rotation. No protest here, we enjoy sub 1.00

The Big Lead has figured out how to cure cancer, and all its gonna take is some lunch money.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Robert Horry’s playoff adventure #212

(Editors Note: Once in a very blue moon Mr. Robert Horry stops by to give us his old and decrepit thoughts on the playoffs. Considering the man has been to every one since dinosaurs ruled the earth we figured he’d have some insight on just about everything.)

Well ain’t that aboutabitch, the Spurs went and lost their fist game… and at home no less. I’ll tell you why it happened- they didn’t put me out on the court in the final seconds. Coach Pop musta forgot my nickname was “big shot Bob.” I had a feeling we was gonna lose before the game even started. When I came into the locker room I asked Tim Duncan what he was listening to (because I didn’t have my hearing aids in yet) and he said Kenny G. I figured this was Warren G’s younger brother but he told me it was adult-contemporary-I-don’t-even-know-the-fuck-what. Then Pop went and forgot the Geritol, I can’t be goin’ on the court with low Iron in my blood.

When I’m on the sidelines I usually sit by Brent Barry, Bruce Bowen and Micheal Finley cause them bitches is old too. Plus outside of Tim everybody else be talking Spanish and shit… I went to Alabama Goddamnit, I don’t speak no Spanish. I thought you got a championship ring just for being in the league. I was like, “how many you got, Micheal? Probably 5.” And he got all pissy and called me a prick. I got news for you Finley, I may be a prick but I’m a prick with 6 rings.

Later on Coach Pop put me out on the floor to try and talk some sense into Melo. I told him if I had done what he did to New York Walt Frazier would have slapped the shit out of me. That boy is lucky he only had to deal with Nate “25 cents” Robinson. Melo started talking some shit about my oxygen tank and sent that big Brazilian bastard Nene after me. I’m liable to break a goddamn hip out here so I made Pop take me back off.

I wanted to go back in at the end of the game but Pop was like “you wanted out.” I told him it was my time and I felt the fire, but he said that was just arthritis. I was like all I do is win, I got this 3. All we needed was a 3 and he goes with some young bucks who don’t answer to the name “big shot Bob.” At least Duncan’s grandma taped “Matlock” for me, I was afraid I was gonna miss it.

LUNCH BREAK: Kansas City Shuffle Edition

Its been a slow sports day and I’ve been working on some other things for the past few hours, But I decided that we needed to throw something new at you (even if we didn’t write it) So here is the lunch break… though its more of a Lupper or a Linner Break.

In Kansas City four bottles of Dom is enough for the whole team to share.

Having to rely on Cleveland for your draft really sucks. I hope they pick Quinn, the more I see him the more he looks like a D-bag.

When the Yankees season unravels it won’t be A-rod’s fault.

Batgirl and I agree that something strange happened in Kansas City… She thinks it was a little stranger than I do.

An in-depth look at "Manny being Manny." And exactly how Mannyrific it is.

Playoff Hockey fights galore.

J.J. Reddick Blogs about his first Playoff experience and Pacman tells Goddell all about his 4/20 over at The Ghost of Wayne Fontes.

Sebastian Telfair thinks he’s gangsta.

Friday, April 20, 2007

LUNCH BREAK: Playoff Free Edition

The wild were out sized, out matched, and out played… now they’re out. Would Johnsson and White have made a difference? Probably not... Ducks looked too good. We couldn’t take advantage of the power play and paid dearly for it. Now every Minnesotan will have to worry about the fate of Nikolas Backstrom.

Bloggers love their teams far too much. I probably would have given the wolves 40 wins what with that new point guard and the Celtics settling into their new home.

Nick (or Nick) talks Twins, the sweep, Johan and injury replacements.

10000 takes asks how the Vikings plan on paying for their proposed stadium. Pretty pictures included.

I Dislike Your Favorite Team explains why Kevin McHale is still a pain in my ass.

Pacman says, “I’m sorry, Please believe me!

Mel Kiper causes pandemonium, NFL draft postponed. Speaking of the oily one... Sports Center in cartoon form. Hilarious and spot on. you might want to watch twice so you can read the ticker.

Bracey and others want different unis. I don’t blame them.

Buy a piece of Johan or Tiger in the sports stock market. Bez does this online, but Micheal Lewis suggests that this could become a reality. (long, but a must read)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

In Theaters Tomorrow…

This we’ve got 3 films opening in wide release and 4 in limited theaters. Luke Wilson gets all scary on us in VACANCY. Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling remake SILENCE OF THE LAMBS without the fava beans and face biting. Our buddies from SHAUN OF THE DEAD make their way across the pond to poke fun the police and the action genre. Adam Brody (the other, less brooding member of the O.C.) jumps to the big screen with his new romantic comedy IN THE LAND OF WOMEN. In edition to an English offering, the French will make a grab for our dollars with a slapstick comedy about Celebrity and the paparazzi titled THE VALET. David Arquette manages to mix hippies and Ronald Reagan in his horror THE TRIPPER. Finally New York will get a look at the award winning (Sundance screenwriting, directing and acting elsewhere) film STEPHANIE DALEY.

Besides starring the younger of the Wilson brothers (spread the word) VACANCY also includes uber hottie Kate Beckinsale. The pair plays a married couple that has car trouble and is forced to stay the night in a creepy, rundown roadside motel. This is why we take our cars to the mechanic before a long road trip kids. Once inside their dingy room they discover that they are being videotaped and will soon have to fight for their lives. The film explores the voyeuristic and violent tendencies of man. I have a feeling that Wilson can pull this film off; strangely it is his work with Wes Anderson that gives me this feeling. I don’t know if the film will be great, but I think it can breath new life into the stale, overworked horror genre.

I haven’t heard much about FRACTURE; Sir Hopkins is great and Gosling’s role in HALF NELSON warranted him an Oscar nom but I wonder how similar this is to SILENCE. Hopkins plays a Man who has recently murdered his wife. Gosling plays the up-and-coming lawyer who thinks the case is a done deal. Hopkins even confesses to the murder, but that makes a boring film so… Plot twist here, action there, cat-mouse-cat-mouse, shocking ending, BAM! Role credits. If you like these actors (and if you know stuff about things you probably should) then I’m guessing it’s worth a shot… otherwise I heard that WILD HOGZ is still in theaters, dummy.

HOT FUZZ is the film that gets my 8 dollars this week. The fantastic trio of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (SHAUN OF THE DEAD) are back for more and this time they’re blowing up the quietest town in merry old England as members of local PD. Pegg plays the most badass of all badasses to carry a billy-club, wear a silly hat and walk the mean streets of London. Jealous co-workers get him transferred to a town that hasn’t had a murder in years… but has had many accidents. You see where this is going? Yeah, you do. I realize that the comic genius of these men may have previously been overlooked by many of you, so I encourage you to click HERE and see some of the videos that they posted while working on the film.

IN THE LAND OF WOMEN is a romantic comedy in the tradition of Zach Braff, but with an Adam Brody twist. My guess is that we’ll see Brody’s character go through a somber “my girlfriend just dumped me” period and then a “look at me, I’m quick witted” period. Kristen Stewart came out of nowhere to be the girl next door hottie and a studio exec has finally convinced Meg Ryan that the mom role is more her style, so the film automatically get 2 awesome points. If you like this sort of film go see it, cause you’ll probably have to wait through a bunch of Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson romantic comedies before something decent like this hits theatres.

I have absolutely no clue about THE VALET; I already told you everything I know. If you like French people, slapstick and tabloids you should still probably look elsewhere for some insight. I bet the New York times will have a review tomorrow and that will be ten times better than my spotty- haven’t even seen it previews.

David Arquette’s THE TRIPPER makes me think that Mr. Cox might do drugs. The film Stars Jamie King from SLACKERS (Angela? Weird!) and Thomas Jane from THE PUNISHER and some other stuff. This came directly from

“David Arquette's directorial debut is recommended if you like: drug use, male/female nudity, obsessed boyfriends, anti-hippie sheriffs, Reagan-era political humor, low-budget gore, attack dogs, and hot celeb cameos.”
Jason Mewes, jay of JAY AND SILENT BOB fame, Pee Wee Herman, Courtney Cox and the director all make appearances in the film. Go at you own your own risk.

STEPHANIE DALEY is a film with some tough subject matter. The title character is a 16 year-old accused of hiding her pregnancy and killing her newborn. This is not the type of film that you walk away from feeling all warm and fuzzy; It’s more of a filmic experience. A vast majority of humans will never understand how or why someone could do such a thing, but will walk out of this movie with a better understanding of something that they have never encountered in real life. Some how a very funny comedian by the name of Jim Gaffigan made it into the cast, but I guarantee this is no laughing matter. If I have to choose a word that critics will assign to this film I’m going to choose “powerful” or possibly “gut-wrenching” – just a hunch.


LUNCH BREAK: Turducken Edition

Bracey Wright had 15 minutes 1 Reb 1 Ast 1 TO and 5 Pts in what will most likely be his last as a Timberwolf. Godspeed, Bracey, Godspeed… and get the hell out McFail.

The batting helmet of Dr. Mourneau. Courtesy of Aaron Gleeman

Brian Urlacher owns the most expensive hat ever.

I take back that dick thing I said yesterday. If a Ducks fan can call out Brad May for a sucker punch I have nothing but respect .

TNABCG tells Scott Neidermeyer to watch his back.

Matt Millen has gotten himself into another predicament. Contemplates life, draft pick and secretary's naughty bits.

Even ESPN employees don’t like watching their shows.

"Who are these people and why are they shouting at me?"
This just in: Football players smoke weed.

Gophers say goodbye to Erik Johnson

Congratulations Mark Buehrle. Sox still suck

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Antoino Gates ain’t got S**t in the Vikes new Signee

And when I say that I mean former basketball turned wide receiver. I cannot wait to run out and buy my Todd Lowber Jersey! The former track and basketball star weighs in at 205 and stands 6-3 while running 4.3 in the 40-yard dash. The problem is that I’m 5-6 and 160 soaking wet, but am as accomplished as him on the football field… oh and his mentor will be Troy “Hands” Williamson. F@#k it… lets take a punter with the 7th pick this year!

We signed this dude to a 3-year contract! Is there no such thing as a training camp contract? The Twins got Ponson on a Minor league contract; a dude with no experience should not be able to ink a 3-year deal like this. His agent said that there were other teams interested in Lowber, but he’d say that he were the emperor of China if it helped get this contract. Lowber played all 4 season of basketball at Ramapo College and won the D3 men’s high jump in ’06. Mr. Lowber averaged 12.4 pts and 5.2 rebs in his final college season. I watched Devon George play at Augsburg before he went to the NBA- a DIII player with “freakish talent” should average more than that on the court.

The Vikes are going to need a bucket of glue a la THE REPLACEMENTS if they want to pass the ball at all this season. I’m not so sure they’ll even attempt a pass after watching Chili’s “kick ass” offense tear up the field last year. It would be great if this worked out some how, but we are the Minnesota Vikings. I’m almost used to this sort of thing… at least they got a lot of valuable players when they got rid of Moss and Culpepper, right? Right?

My hopes for a 6-win season just got shot to shit. Thank you, oh wise ones for bestowing upon us such a great talent. We are blessed


I know this has primarily been a sports blog per say, but my friend Kevin sent this to me and it had to go straight to the press'. I will totally make exceptions to the norm her for material that makes me fall out of my chair. Here ya go, hold on:

What are the odds this guy has fathered a child since the taping of this show. Maury has to be one of the most entertaining shows in terms of "train wreck" material. I know i may regret saying this but, I wish there was more time the day so I could watch this show.

Brad May is an ass

Here is the video from last night. May and Thorton are completely worthless human beings.

Boogard is the man.

Lunch Break: Confit de Canard

This guy has a point, but he's still a dick.

Bracey Wright's line for the last 4 games: 21 pts 55 min 9 reb 6ast 2 stl 3 TO - We found out we're not the only ones who appreciate Mr. Wright

Kissing Suzy Kolber discusses the Difference between Sanjaya malkawhaterver and Brady Quinn

Batgirl pokes fun at Carl Crawford using legos. Brilliant!!!

Sneaky, Koren, sneaky.

With moves like this the Rangers are guaranteed to win the Stanley cup.

Anthony Lapanta whispers, "but we're live" later discovers that the Cleveland play-by-play guy has potty mouth too.

Game 4 notes on the Wild and the ducks, and Boogaard will break your face.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Hello everybody. My name is Adam and I am the latest addition to the Some People's kids blog. Thats three, count em' , three Adams now contributing. I promise we are not the same person. These are my first, but definitely not last, couple posts. Its a pleasure to be here and I'll try to give my own twist on things I find amusing or shocking, and some in between stuff as well. I'll do my best to follow the lead set by my predecessors. I hope you enjoy...

Oh Joey....

Bye bye Joey Crawford. The long time NBA referee was suspended for the rest of the season by commisioner David Stern on Tuesday. The suspension came about after Crawford apparently challenged the San Antonio Spurs resident gerbil, Tim Duncan, to a fight after ejecting Duncan in Sundays loss to the Mavericks. Duncan was earlier called for an offensive foul and a technical foul. Later, while on the bench, Duncan was seen laughing with some of his teammates. Taking exception, Crawford booted him with a second technical and subsequent ejection. The suspension came after numerous warnings by Stern to tone down his attitude and make sure he wasnt the focus of the NBA games. And as much as I love to see Tim Duncan get the boot, this ejection was truly rediculous. Ya gotta love referees wanting to throw down with players. First you have Charles Barkley challenging Dick Bavetta to a race and now you have Joey Crawford wanting to fight Tim Duncan. Who says the NBA isnt fun anymore!! Stay tuned for the pay-per-view wrestling match this summer. I hear the old man is a 5/3 favorite already, which makes sense to me.

Also, on Monday, this weekends PGA tournament finished in playoff fashion with something called Boo Weekely coming out on top. Aside from having by far the coolest name on the PGA tour, there is a story going around that this guy wrestled an Orangutang. What a weekend for my man... First he wins a PGA event then becomes a bad ass when this story hits the media. Impressive. Anybody who busts up an Orangutang has my respect. This guy is my new idol.

Lastly, a side note that you all should be aware of... Ricky Davis will now be known as Ricky Avis, as there is clearly no "D" anywhere in sight when it comes to him.

F*@#in Crazies....

Just when you think that the world could'nt get any more messed up, we are slapped back to the harsh reality of the way things really are. Just when we think that we have seen the last of major massacres on innocent people, another kid goes postal. It just doesnt seem to be getting any better anytime soon.

Of course, by now, this particular situation isnt news to anyone. The brutal killings of 32 innocent students at Virginia Tech the other day have rocked the country. Once again some random kid decides he's had enough and instead of just killing himself, he takes out his aggresion on 32 other students and ends their lives as well.

Im sure when it all gets broken down, from every angle, we will find out that this fool felt that the world was shitting on him. Im sure it will come out that the kids in Gym class snapped him with towels every day for two months. Im sure it will come out that his girlfriend just cheated on him with his best friend. Im sure it will come out that Burger King refused employment to him, even with an impending college graduation on the horizon. People will look at society and at Virginia Tech and at music he was listening to, and ask why? The answer? Maybe hes just nuttier than squirrel turds! Maybe he's bleepin crazy!
Everyone has been through some bad times in their lives, but 99.9 % of the population doesnt go kill people because of it. That .1 % screws it up for the rest of us and makes us all feel unsafe. I dont mean unsafe like when I go outside, Im looking over my shoulder every minute. I mean knowing that despite living a good, productive, normal life, some dude could come out the wood work and decide that you've lived long enough. And that's scary.

More details have come out about this horrible tragedy, including the identity of the shooter and that he left a "long and disturbing" note in his dorm room. In the note, Sueng-Hui Cho, a senior student, claimed "YOU caused me to do this." I got news for ya, though it wont matter cause your brains are splattered all over the floor in some classroom, no one did this to you. No one caused you to do what you did. Your messed up little mind caused you to do this. No matter what anyone did to you, it never warrented killing a bunch of kids, minding their own business, on their way to class. Why is it always someone elses fault? You never hear someone say, man, Im just really screwed up and I decided to some other people should suffer for me being that way.

Im not ashamed to say that I've been picked on more than a few times in my life. Everyone who went to any kind of school did. The difference is, I never felt the need to go find a gun and start blasting. I went home and beat up pillows, listened to music, and even cried sometimes. Kids need to stop thinking that the world is their playground and they can cop out and take out their frustration by killing a bunch of people. For the love of God and the sake of that 99.9% of us, Get OVER IT! Take a walk. Get a role model. Collect coins. Start doing drugs. I dont care.

Just dont kill people.

Good times at Fenway

This video is of an incident at Fenway Park between a couple of fans is just classic. The man in the Patriots jacket got kicked out, which interestingly enough reminds me of a certain incident involving a particular college hockey game and a C.D... ummm! One of the funniest fan altercations caught on video in recent memory. The play by play of the announcers is just priceless!!! What possessed the guy to throw the piece of pizza? Its mind boggling, but also extremely funny.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Culture of Accountability? Code of Conduct?

Cough, cough BS cough

Last night Cedric Griffin got tossed out of Spin nightclub and subsequently tagged for disorderly conduct by the Minneapolis police. It seems that the Vikings corner can’t afford a belt on an NFL salary. Griffin fought a bouncer and managed to get maced before all was said and done. One Dress code violation, a few hours in jail and 50 bucks later Griffin was free again to terrorize the town with his low hanging pants. He is the 6th Viking to be arrested in the last year and the first under Roger Goodell’s new No Fun League policy.

We at SPK are force to ask the question of whether Chili’s culture of accountability actually exists or if it is more like the Vikings “Kick Ass Offense.” Me thinks we have had the wool pulled over our eyes once again, it was merely something that Childress said when he took helm of the love boat. The statement was echoed when Koren Robinson got his DWI, but the same fate was not is store for DB coach (and main influence on second year man Griffin) Joe Woods. I also discovered that our best pick-up this off-season, Mike Doss, has a weapons charge.

I think Chili is a good Bullshiter. I think that’s how he got his job. He BSed his way onto Andy Reid’s coaching staff and turned around and conned the Wylfs into thinking that he had something to do with the Eagles success while he was there. I also think that the reason he was so cold with the media in Minnesota is because he couldn’t BS his way out of a loss. Does Doss become the next Tank Johnson? Does Childress’ “culture of accountability” actually weigh on his players minds? Will Cedric Griffin buy a belt? Did you know that the Vikings signed wide receiver Cortez Hankton? Me either.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lunch break: Duck soup edition

I was searching the internets while waiting for the hockey game to start and I found too many things to keep to myself. Enjoy.

  • Lil' Bow Wow ain't got shit on Lil' Romeo.
  • Tim Duncan locates funny bone and is promptly punished.
  • Greg Oden does what we knew he would do.
  • The Dolphins finally figure out that Culpepper does indeed suck.
  • Football Hurts.
  • TNABACG has decided who we, as Wild fans, should hate... We agree.
  • Shut up Elton, you just want to see our draft pick end up with the Clippers. Screw you playoff situation, we've got problems of our own.
  • Why didn't this happen last week? Stupid Pavano

Belated Baseball

Neubie, Bez, Bits and I went to the game on Friday and something should have been posted yesterday, but I’m guessing most of us spent the day hung over and/or asleep. The day started early because Bits wanted to buy a jersey at the mall, and he is my chauffeur when I need to get to the city. After about three hours and some crazy good Chinese food we left the mall with a belt, some shorts and a silly-ass hat. Bits’ ladyfriend talked him out of the jersey and argued that the money would be better spent on her. I tried to explain the importance of owning a jersey to her, but to no avail. In fact it was I who almost left the mall with a Twins jersey- I found a Shannon Stewart one for $20 and I’m the type of asshole who shows up to a game with the wrong player on my back.

We hit up a bar before going to the game only to discover that there was no happy hour, which made us a bit unhappy. Bits, another friend and I sat in decent seats out in center field. Bez has season tickets so he sat in a different section. Neubie was just getting off work when the game started, so he was forced to iron his shirt on the light rail. Before the game got underway Morneau received his MVP award and I found out that Killebrew is the only American to have won the MVP in a Twins uni. I also found out that chicks from nowhere, South Dakota wear about an inch of make-up to a baseball game, I bet that dude tried to gnaw his arm off when he woke up yesterday.

Johan looked great in the first inning when he threw all of 4 pitches, but after that he looked a little shaky. Everybody knows that April is usually his worst month, and he is the best pitcher in baseball so there is nothing to worry about. I’m beginning to think that Akinori Iwamora is a damn good baseball player. That 5th inning sucked balls and Crawford’s 6th inning in the park home run came about 10 minutes after Bez nominated Josh Rabe for player of the game because he hates Kubel.

Not having the old guys in the line-up and no batting from the piranhas has hurt the Twins so far this year… oh course Bartlet did manage to get a hit yesterday and one in the game that we went to. We also caught Anthony Lapanta roaming through the section next to ours and stealing people’s signs, probably for “Circle me Bert.” Morneau’s blast went for a mile but it was futile. It sucked to watch Johan’s home win streak end but like he said he’ll just start a new one.

After the game we went out to catch the rest of the Wild game. A good number of people who sit in Bez’ section came with us. Eventually we left and Bez’ shoe broke, I danced with a lady, and Bits couldn’t get “a goddamn ham sandwich with cheese and alfalfa sprouts!” – no matter how many Jimmy Johns I tried calling.

Alfalfa sprouts??

Friday, April 13, 2007

LUNCH BREAK: 9-4-2-6 Edition

This is a great look at the new Twins Stadium renderings.

Here's to accepting Bowl invitations in April, go Navy, what a shitty system that is the bowl system.

Whittlock is on fire. And I quote:

Among Whitlock’s greatest hits on Tucker Carlson (and we’re paraphrasing here): ‘Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are domestic terrorists lighting fires and picking everyone’s pocket on the way out of town. Jackson should be down at Duke apologizing to those lacrosse players – he owes them an apology for stirring up that mess. Black America is tired of Jackson.’
The Big Lead Rocks. Here is Wittlock's article from the KC star.

This Jackie Robinson tribute is getting a little too big considering there were only 72 African American's on opening day rosters, and now there will be 150 or so players wearing the number 42 on Sunday. The USA Today did a story on this, Torii had something to say too.

Finally... what we have been waiting years for. Baseball cheerleaders!

Friday the 13th comes a day early for Mark Prior. Who are we kidding? This is Mark F*ing Prior!

If you think about it, this may not be such bad news for a Vikings fan this season.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Anyone hear about this Don Imus thing?

The cries of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton reverberated throughout America's morality for the past week and a half and hopefully finally ended today with CBS firing Don Imus. This comes as a huge relief for myself, not because American justice prevailed once again, but because we can FINALLY stop hearing about how much courage and strength is took for the Rutgers girls, and their coach to overcome such bigotry and hate. You have to be kidding me with this shit that has been everywhere for the last two weeks. Every time I turned on the T.V, turned on the radio, checked an email this was the lead story. I even got updates on my smart phone with the latest poll on whether or not Imus should be fired. I understand and agree with the majority of the U.S, that this is unacceptable behavior and you just cannot express that kind of opinion whether you are in a position such as Imus', or Joe Nobody, but come on, the only way a the story could have gotten any bigger was if a representative would have suggested that he would vote "yes" for slavery. Oh, shit...yep here it is. In Minnesota to boot.
After being worn down by days of constant badgering, it all came to a head tonight on the evening news, when the Rutgers girl and their coach were being declared national heroes. Someone shoot me! One of the Rutger girls was quoted saying "this will scar me for the rest of my life." WOW. I wonder what kind of classes are taken at Rutgers to prepare these "heroes" for the real world after they get done with school. I'm sure they will never be put in such an extreme situation again in their life, as they were these past couple of weeks.
Everyone at one point in their life has made an off colored joke, said something they shouldn't, or acted in a way that they themselves wouldn't condone. Every media pundit and gasbag climbs onto their high horse and shouts how terrible this act of racism, sexism, whateverism, is, and a few months later will find themselves on Youtube having sex with a dead hooker, smoking Meth, all while makin' it "rain."(See Marion Barry) This is acceptable behavior though???

The hypocrisy has grown mightily old and trite, and now the story has been around so long that only a blogger with nothing better to do would write about it. We just need to let these little instances go, just let it go. Go and brush your shoulders off, Rutgers ladies. Who really cares what old man river was talking about anyway. Lets just get over this!!!
America, take heed, " for they who cast the first stone, shall have no sin."

In Theaters Tomorrow…

Looks like this week’s offering is a repetitive case of good cast, bad plot. Halle Berry and Bruce Willis try to entertain you by instant messaging each other TO DEATH! The extremely talented Shia LeBeouf watches his neighbor murder red heads. The Vikings leave a child behind in N. America and really regret it. Frylock, Meatwad and Master Shake try to take a 15-minute show with now plot onto the big screen for 6 times as long… no word on whether or not they attempted a plot. Molly Shannon cries over a dead dog. Salma Hayak and Jered Leto kill lonely women for fun. Eddie Griffin crashes Ferraris (this time its in a film). Ray Liotta and LL Cool J try their hands at THE USUAL SUSPECTS.

In PERFECT STRANGER Berry plays a journalist trying to find her best friend’s killer. Willis plays the head of a fortune 500 business and the main suspect. Somehow Giovanni Ribisi is involved and that is awesome. I’m a big Bruce Willis fan and I of course love Halle “make me feel good!” Berry, but good actors can’t fix bad writing.

DISTURBIA is something that I have wanted to see for a while… until recently. I think that Lebeouf (Evan Stevens -I, ROBOT- HOLES) is a great actor and will become a force to be reckoned with, look for him in TRANSFORMERS this summer. Lebeouf plays a kid who is sentences to house arrest and has nothing to do but spy on the neighborhood. Carrie Ann Moss of THE MATRIX plays the mom, but I heard she isn’t very good. David Morse (PROOF OF LIFE, 16 BLOCKS, BAIT, THE NEGOTIATOR) is the bad guy and I like him. The film sounds like REAR WINDOW, but the guy who did RED EYE wrote it… I heard that the first 2/3 is great but the climax is lacking. I think it may be the best this week, but only by default.

PATHFINDER is the story of a Viking child who is left behind by his clan after an attack on a Native American village. I heard that this film was based on a graphic novel, but I also heard that it’s an English remake of Norwegian film and I don’t know which is right (or if they both are). I guess if you’re stoned the film could be good, but that can be said about a million bad films. The one thing that stands out about this film is that the main character will not look funny wielding a sword; he was Eomer in the final two installments of THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE COLON MOVIE FOR THEATERS is bigger, longer and uncut version of the Adult Swim cartoon. I have to admit that I really like the cartoon, but there is no need for a real plot in a 15 minute cartoon and I think that the best aspect of the cartoon is it’s lack of plot. ATHF is like a 15-minute fart joke or a case study in how to avoid television norms. Fortunately, their fan base already consists of potheads and devotees, so this review will have effect on ticket buyers. I’ll rent the thing.

YEAR OF THE DOG is a dark comedy (?) about a secretary who has just lost her pet. This cast looks like the best so far and it has a writer/director who has done some good stuff, but I just don’t believe in it. Besides Molly Shannon the cast includes Peter Sarsgaard, Laura Dern, and John C. Reilly. Mike White is our Auteur; he helped write NACHO LIBRE, THE GOOD GIRL, ORANGE COUNTY and CHUCK AND BUCK- his film career is full of ok films but nothing special and the fact that this is a limited release makes me think that it isn’t worth the 8 dollars.

LONELY HEARTS is a remake of a ‘70’s film about a pair of serial killers who prey on rich widows. Once again a great cast; Salma Hayak, John Travolta, Jared Leto, James Gandolphini (Tony Soprano, you dummy) Dern again and Scott “my daddy is famous” Cann. I guess the director is the grandson of Travolta’s character. This one might be worth checking out, but it has been sitting around waiting to be released and that always makes me weary.

REDLINE is basically The Fast and The Furious 7- or whatever we’re up to right now. It does not deserve an entire paragraph and Griffin should be ashamed for wrecking a Ferrari Enzo.

SLOW BURN stars Ray Liotta, LL Cool J, the chick from one of the Star Treks and some other familiar faces. This film also looks semi-interesting until I found out it was made 4 years ago. 4 years! It’s a wonder this was never a direct to DVD deal.


LUNCH BREAK: Frozen Puck Edition

The Wild have their own rally monkey... take that Anahiem sports teams!

Here's a little peek at the upcoming season for my favorite football team the Iowa Hawkeyes.

A great quote from Santana on how long he would like to stay with the Twins, from here.

I'm going to be honest with you. I would like to stay here forever. Now, how many years would they be willing to offer? I don't really know. Hopefully I could do lifetime. That would answer your question because that's what I would like to do.
Danny Ainge is a biter. I'm guessing that's what McHale did to KG.

KSK brings you some more Dysfunctional Family Circus and enlightens us about Mel Kiper's hair.

This is a couple days late but it is a great look at your favorite submariner Neshek.

The King says, "No Dice!"

Kurt Vonnegut is no longer with us.

Look at your new stadium Minnesota. Its glorious!!!

Have fun finding The Big Ten Network.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

LUNCH BREAK: ham sandwich edition

While you eat your Ham Sandwich, contemplate stealing your children's candy and think about what Jesus has to do with a bunny we've compiled a few stories written by other people that we thought you should see.

  • We've got a new writer... read his final post at his old blog.
"We're getting back to the warm weather of the Metrodome, and we'll see how he progresses here," Gardenhire said. "I'm sure in the distant future we'll find out really quickly."
  • Kevin Durant can pay you that five dollars he owes you soon.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

FSN is out of options

Minnesota has reached rock bottom. FSN North is now employing the 'KG Cam' to try to entice viewers to continue their watching experience. The 'KG CAM' consists of one camera that follows Kevin Garnett no matter where he goes. If you ever wondered who KG talks to while he is on the bench you no longer need wonder. It's Trenton Hasell and Mark Blount. I swear to god, if McHale makes it past June I'm going to kill myself. The man has ruined basketball in Minnesota.

Last Week the T-wolves got a .2 share of the market.

We are now no longer concerened with action on the court and now focus all attention on our superstar. How far are we away from naming our team the Minnesota Kevin Garnetts? If we have sunk to this level we should feel free to lose every single game prior to and after this horribly inefficient game. Free Bracey Wright!!! We need to see if he is worth keeping around and the world know that Jaric, Hudson and James are not worth the salary we pay them.

This team is in the dumps and will go nowhere without a new front office... its not the talent that is the problem at this point- its the people bringing the talent in. The KG cam = the self-destruction of the season

Free Bracey Wright!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

God the White Sox are @#$*!!!!

We here at Some-Peoples-Kids have an utter disdain for the Chicago White Sox after a certain incident at U.S Cellular last August landed AdamBez at the first precinct station and myself roaming the south side of Chicago in Twins apparel, trying to find a ride home. Our abhorrence has manifested itself for most of the off season and now will be let out in a torrid of blog entries whenever our Twins play the Sox.

Tonight starts the first series of the season between the Twins and Sox at U.S Cellular and we should see quit the pitchers duel between Javier Vazquez and Carlos Silva. The Twins will hopefully continue to get timely hitting and pray that Silva lasts more than three innings. As for the Sox, they have been on the receiving end of Cleavland's offensive punishment and only squeaked out their first win yesterday when Cleavland's bullpen collapsed in the ninth.

Before the game starts we'd like to thank A.J. Pierzynski for being ok enough to con the Giants out of two little known pitchers by the name of Joe "the savior" Nathan and Mr. Fransisco "El General" Lariano. Quite frankly A.J. is a bitch and a dirty player, but he's not our problem. Actually hes a a big reason this team looks the way it does. We'd also like to thank Contraras for being 1 million years old... If we're thanking the White Sox for being old we might as well thank all of their sluggers, too.

Those bitches on the southside can't even properly bean someone. They all follow A.J.'s dirty lead. One of the best parts of their game may be "small ball" this existed in their World Series run and was then totally forgotten outside of talking to the media. The only reason they'll get more write-ups at SPK is an inexplicable disdain for the Sox, and everything either White or Sockey. Frankly we're more worried about the Indians and Detroit.

Any team that gives its best asian player a nickname that sounds like a woman's "southside" does not deserve the respect of a fine blog like ours. In fact the only person that doesn't get completely ripped apart during a Sox-Twins conversation is Ozzie. The man has said many things that he probably shouldn't have; but he speaks his mind, has a funny accent, swears like a sailor in television interviews, respects the Twins and always-always ends up chewing his team out by the third game of our season.


Tonight is one of the best excuses to throw a party all year, Easter Keg. I hope you all get out and drink too much and celebrate the White Sox Sucking Easter Keg holiday.

Kissing Suzy Kolber has had a great mock draft going this week. They have been drafting "Clothing and Accessories that Accentuate the Hotness of Womankind."
Here are parts one, two, and three.

Great time waster, I found this on Aaron Gleeman's blog. I think they got #1 correct.
15 "Holy Shit" movie moments

Here is the blog that sparked the K-Rod cheating investigation, it's very good reading check it out.
The Cheaters Guide to Baseball Blog

Colin Cowherd is a Dick. Enough said.
This is all I have time for today, happy easter keg.

If only I were ambidextrous

This story is something I've talked about for years. Everytime I bring this up to my friends they tell me I'm crazy, (there may be something to that) but to me it makes perfect sense, it's almost too good. Now I can laugh in their faces because the NYT did a story yesterday on ALTERNATING ARM pitcher Pat Venditte, of Creighton University in Omaha, NE. After I read this last night, it was all I could think about.
There are so many possibilities for a pitcher with this talent. What if a switch hitter comes up to hit and how funny this could be.

"A switch-pitcher facing a switch-hitter could make a fine Abbott and Costello routine."
Baseball, above all other sports, is about which hand is the dominate hand. So if you can get past that limiting factor there are many places you can go.Pat could go back to back days pitching with very little problem, he's going to be able to pitch twice as many innings as your typical one throwing arm pitcher. He can switch arms for every hitter in the line up or every pitch. The strategy of this is almost limitless.
This talent alone will get this kid drafted into the majors and it will be very interesting to follow his development. Hopefully one day he makes into the big leagues, while on his way revolutionizing the game of baseball.

ps. Go check out the article there is a video with him pitching either way.

Throwing Batters Curves Before Throwing a Pitch (NYT)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

In Theaters Tomorrow…

We should all thank god that Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez decided to pick up cameras because this weeks offering is less than stellar outside of GRINDHOUSE. Ice Cube offers a film that guarantees that he is no longer welcome in Compton. Hilary Swank gets all biblical on us in order to investigate the 10 plagues. FIREHOUSE DOG is the family film of the week and Richard Gere gives a film about a fake Howard Hughes Biography. We’ll go worst to first today.
ARE WE DONE YET? is the follow-up to ARE WE THERE YET? Starring Nia Long and Ice Cube (a-yea-yea-h). The family moves from the city to the country and into their dream house, but it falls apart. Think MONEY PIT with less Tom Hanks and more black people. The only good I can see in the film is the casting of John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox on “SCRUBS”) as the contractor and main pain in Ice’s ass.
FIREHOUSE DOG makes absolutely no sense to me, but it has to be better than a sequel to a crappy movie. The most sought after animal in Hollywood gets lost and is adopted by a Firehouse… is the title making any sense yet? Some how a kid gets involved. I bet there is a fire, the dog get noticed on the news and is brought back to Hollywood. Either the kid enjoys riches with his once again famous dog or the dog turns down his “film career” to help put out fires and keep the kid company.
It was a toss-up between THE REAPING and HOAX. Miss Hillary Swank’s THE REAPING took this position after I found out that the film was slated for 2006, but a horrible showing at the 2006 Comic-Con pushed it way back until now. Swank plays a professor who travels to a small town in Texas to try and figure out why the 10 biblical plagues are showing up. I’ve always wondered how Oscar winners end up making films like this after they have been recognized for their ability.
THE HOAX is out in limited release tomorrow. The film stars Richard Gere as an author peddling a faux Howard Hughes biography. Apparently this is the part that Gere has wanted to play ever since he was in PRIMAL FEAR. This film was also slated for an earlier release, but has a better reason. Apparently this was Miramax’s back-up Oscar plan if HOLLYWOODLAND failed… it did, but THE QUEEN ended up getting a ton of buzz before THE HOAX got it’s chance to be released. Alfred Molina (no relation to Benji or Javier Molina) helps Gere try to pull off the ruse; apparently Doc Oc is a good liar.
GRINDHOUSE is the film that will rock your socks off and make your teeth rattle. Friends and directors Tarantino and Rodriguez Tag team your ass with two of the wackiest plots ever. Expect good things. QT brings you DEATH PROOF staring Kurt Russell and Rosario Dawson. Somehow Russell’s character kills women using his indestructible car. RR brings you PLANET TERROR with Rose McGowan and one of my personal favorites, Bruce Willis. McGowan plays a former stripper with a machine gun leg who must fight off the Zombies that are being created by radioactive waste with her ex-boyfriend. Talk about the perfect movie plot. If one film doesn’t fulfill your appetite for sex, violence and utter absurdity the other will… Throw in a few fake trailers between the films and you’ve got the number one film at the box office.

Box Office predictions- 1. GRINDHOUSE 2. BLADES OF GLORY 3. MEET THE ROBINSONS 4. ARE WE DONE YET? (Easter) 5. 300

P.S. Look for T.V. SET to catch on after it’s LA/NY release- it’s cast includes David Duchuvney, Sigourney Weaver and Mr. Fantastic- Ioan Gruffudd. It’s a film about film and TV so I might be the only one who wants to see it, but with that cast and ORANGE COUNTY’s director someone besides me should enjoy it.

LUNCH BREAK: First edition

I have decided to change to this format of sharing what I read, I will be attempting this every day but I can see 3-4 days a week more likely, enjoy.

In case you forgot the Frozen Four starts today, yeah who knew. Here are the two previews from USCHO.COM :
Maine vs Michigan St.
Boston College vs North Dakota

The 'Tradition that CBS built,' that is the Masters starts today.
Live Leaderboard

Ramon Ortiz is obviously better then Johan. (I dislike your favorite team)

MLB: Not as dumb as you thought they were, 7-year deal with the owners of Comcast.

J.D. Durbin dropped already?? Here is his line from yestereday: 0.2 IP 7 Hits 7 ER. The Real Deal?


This just came across my reader, and I had to share, it is from Barreiro's blog.

ODE TO A DEAD FRANCHISE: If Kevin Garnett woofs after blocking a shot and nobody hears it, does he make a noise? TV ratings from Tuesday night: Twins (with Boof Bonser pitching), 11.9; Wild (with playoffs already clinched), 2.5, Wolves (with LeBron James in the house), .2.

Not 2.0. Two-tenths of a point.

Given that in the Twin Cities metro area, one ratings point is worth 16,784 households, that means 3,356 households tuned in to see the Wolves. Certainly Wolves brain wizards can rest easy, knowing just how much worse it could have been if they hadn't fired Dwane Casey.

That also means there were more people at the game then watching in the in metro area. That is truly pathetic.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Have your baby Joe, we got this

The Twins came running into the season with a full head of steam and handed Baltimore their first sweep of the season. God I hope this team can keep up this pace for the rest of the season, 162-0 baby. Ramon Ortiz was able to get into the 7th inning and walked off the mount without a homerun… if Silva can do the same I’ll be in heaven. I’m digging how fast Ortiz works a game; it means I won’t be tired when 4:30 comes around to kick me in the ass.

Luis Rodriguez has 5 infield hits this season so far… the fastest man with a limp is on pace to hit 270 of them this season. The Chairman had his first extra base hit of the season. Cuddy got 3 hits but took one off the face. Mr. White is still lacking in the hit category with one this game, but he’s been able to advance runners. If you were wondering Joe Nathan had a baby girl and most defiantly was not needed tonight. Nicky Punto had a CrazyGoNutz snag at the expense of Miguel Tejada in the 6th. Bring it Chicago; we’ve got your broom right here.

Vikings sign an actual player

It looks like former Colts safety Mike Doss will reunite with Leslie Frazier. Doss missed the final 10 games of the season, but had he been able to continue it would have been his best season in the NFL outside of his rookie year. In his six games he recorded 29 tackles, had 2 interceptions, and 3 passes defended. Doss seems like a good player and all but I wonder why the Vikes went after another safety instead of a corner. Other players vying for a starting spot at safety include Darren Sharper, Dwight Smith, Tank Williams and Greg Blue. I’m not so sure that the Vikings have taken one look at the depth chart or even attempted to re-evaluate talent at any position prior to signing free agents. Like I said before if you played for a member of the coaching staff somewhere else you’ve got a great shot at making the team regardless of talent or position.

The Vikings have failed to pick up an extra quarterback, pass rusher, cornerback or wide receiver (you don’t count, Wade). I’ll watch the damn games this season, got nothing else to do on a Sunday, but this team is quickly approaching the “laugher” status. Brad Childress’ “kick-ass offense” is going to be worse off than it was last year and the defense, which actually does kick ass, has not even begun to fill in the holes necessary to make up for the fact that the team has nobody to throw the ball and even less people to catch it. Hindsight is 20-20, and man do I miss Mike Tice. Terry Ryan and Doug Risebrough need to do double duty and help out the Vikes and T-wolves with this whole “GM” thing.