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Thursday, April 19, 2007

In Theaters Tomorrow…

This we’ve got 3 films opening in wide release and 4 in limited theaters. Luke Wilson gets all scary on us in VACANCY. Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling remake SILENCE OF THE LAMBS without the fava beans and face biting. Our buddies from SHAUN OF THE DEAD make their way across the pond to poke fun the police and the action genre. Adam Brody (the other, less brooding member of the O.C.) jumps to the big screen with his new romantic comedy IN THE LAND OF WOMEN. In edition to an English offering, the French will make a grab for our dollars with a slapstick comedy about Celebrity and the paparazzi titled THE VALET. David Arquette manages to mix hippies and Ronald Reagan in his horror THE TRIPPER. Finally New York will get a look at the award winning (Sundance screenwriting, directing and acting elsewhere) film STEPHANIE DALEY.

Besides starring the younger of the Wilson brothers (spread the word) VACANCY also includes uber hottie Kate Beckinsale. The pair plays a married couple that has car trouble and is forced to stay the night in a creepy, rundown roadside motel. This is why we take our cars to the mechanic before a long road trip kids. Once inside their dingy room they discover that they are being videotaped and will soon have to fight for their lives. The film explores the voyeuristic and violent tendencies of man. I have a feeling that Wilson can pull this film off; strangely it is his work with Wes Anderson that gives me this feeling. I don’t know if the film will be great, but I think it can breath new life into the stale, overworked horror genre.

I haven’t heard much about FRACTURE; Sir Hopkins is great and Gosling’s role in HALF NELSON warranted him an Oscar nom but I wonder how similar this is to SILENCE. Hopkins plays a Man who has recently murdered his wife. Gosling plays the up-and-coming lawyer who thinks the case is a done deal. Hopkins even confesses to the murder, but that makes a boring film so… Plot twist here, action there, cat-mouse-cat-mouse, shocking ending, BAM! Role credits. If you like these actors (and if you know stuff about things you probably should) then I’m guessing it’s worth a shot… otherwise I heard that WILD HOGZ is still in theaters, dummy.

HOT FUZZ is the film that gets my 8 dollars this week. The fantastic trio of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (SHAUN OF THE DEAD) are back for more and this time they’re blowing up the quietest town in merry old England as members of local PD. Pegg plays the most badass of all badasses to carry a billy-club, wear a silly hat and walk the mean streets of London. Jealous co-workers get him transferred to a town that hasn’t had a murder in years… but has had many accidents. You see where this is going? Yeah, you do. I realize that the comic genius of these men may have previously been overlooked by many of you, so I encourage you to click HERE and see some of the videos that they posted while working on the film.

IN THE LAND OF WOMEN is a romantic comedy in the tradition of Zach Braff, but with an Adam Brody twist. My guess is that we’ll see Brody’s character go through a somber “my girlfriend just dumped me” period and then a “look at me, I’m quick witted” period. Kristen Stewart came out of nowhere to be the girl next door hottie and a studio exec has finally convinced Meg Ryan that the mom role is more her style, so the film automatically get 2 awesome points. If you like this sort of film go see it, cause you’ll probably have to wait through a bunch of Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson romantic comedies before something decent like this hits theatres.

I have absolutely no clue about THE VALET; I already told you everything I know. If you like French people, slapstick and tabloids you should still probably look elsewhere for some insight. I bet the New York times will have a review tomorrow and that will be ten times better than my spotty- haven’t even seen it previews.

David Arquette’s THE TRIPPER makes me think that Mr. Cox might do drugs. The film Stars Jamie King from SLACKERS (Angela? Weird!) and Thomas Jane from THE PUNISHER and some other stuff. This came directly from

“David Arquette's directorial debut is recommended if you like: drug use, male/female nudity, obsessed boyfriends, anti-hippie sheriffs, Reagan-era political humor, low-budget gore, attack dogs, and hot celeb cameos.”
Jason Mewes, jay of JAY AND SILENT BOB fame, Pee Wee Herman, Courtney Cox and the director all make appearances in the film. Go at you own your own risk.

STEPHANIE DALEY is a film with some tough subject matter. The title character is a 16 year-old accused of hiding her pregnancy and killing her newborn. This is not the type of film that you walk away from feeling all warm and fuzzy; It’s more of a filmic experience. A vast majority of humans will never understand how or why someone could do such a thing, but will walk out of this movie with a better understanding of something that they have never encountered in real life. Some how a very funny comedian by the name of Jim Gaffigan made it into the cast, but I guarantee this is no laughing matter. If I have to choose a word that critics will assign to this film I’m going to choose “powerful” or possibly “gut-wrenching” – just a hunch.


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