Some People's Kids: LUNCH BREAK: Kansas City Shuffle Edition

Monday, April 23, 2007

LUNCH BREAK: Kansas City Shuffle Edition

Its been a slow sports day and I’ve been working on some other things for the past few hours, But I decided that we needed to throw something new at you (even if we didn’t write it) So here is the lunch break… though its more of a Lupper or a Linner Break.

In Kansas City four bottles of Dom is enough for the whole team to share.

Having to rely on Cleveland for your draft really sucks. I hope they pick Quinn, the more I see him the more he looks like a D-bag.

When the Yankees season unravels it won’t be A-rod’s fault.

Batgirl and I agree that something strange happened in Kansas City… She thinks it was a little stranger than I do.

An in-depth look at "Manny being Manny." And exactly how Mannyrific it is.

Playoff Hockey fights galore.

J.J. Reddick Blogs about his first Playoff experience and Pacman tells Goddell all about his 4/20 over at The Ghost of Wayne Fontes.

Sebastian Telfair thinks he’s gangsta.

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