Some People's Kids: LUNCH BREAK: First edition

Thursday, April 5, 2007

LUNCH BREAK: First edition

I have decided to change to this format of sharing what I read, I will be attempting this every day but I can see 3-4 days a week more likely, enjoy.

In case you forgot the Frozen Four starts today, yeah who knew. Here are the two previews from USCHO.COM :
Maine vs Michigan St.
Boston College vs North Dakota

The 'Tradition that CBS built,' that is the Masters starts today.
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Ramon Ortiz is obviously better then Johan. (I dislike your favorite team)

MLB: Not as dumb as you thought they were, 7-year deal with the owners of Comcast.

J.D. Durbin dropped already?? Here is his line from yestereday: 0.2 IP 7 Hits 7 ER. The Real Deal?


This just came across my reader, and I had to share, it is from Barreiro's blog.

ODE TO A DEAD FRANCHISE: If Kevin Garnett woofs after blocking a shot and nobody hears it, does he make a noise? TV ratings from Tuesday night: Twins (with Boof Bonser pitching), 11.9; Wild (with playoffs already clinched), 2.5, Wolves (with LeBron James in the house), .2.

Not 2.0. Two-tenths of a point.

Given that in the Twin Cities metro area, one ratings point is worth 16,784 households, that means 3,356 households tuned in to see the Wolves. Certainly Wolves brain wizards can rest easy, knowing just how much worse it could have been if they hadn't fired Dwane Casey.

That also means there were more people at the game then watching in the in metro area. That is truly pathetic.

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