Some People's Kids: Lunch break: Duck soup edition

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lunch break: Duck soup edition

I was searching the internets while waiting for the hockey game to start and I found too many things to keep to myself. Enjoy.

  • Lil' Bow Wow ain't got shit on Lil' Romeo.
  • Tim Duncan locates funny bone and is promptly punished.
  • Greg Oden does what we knew he would do.
  • The Dolphins finally figure out that Culpepper does indeed suck.
  • Football Hurts.
  • TNABACG has decided who we, as Wild fans, should hate... We agree.
  • Shut up Elton, you just want to see our draft pick end up with the Clippers. Screw you playoff situation, we've got problems of our own.
  • Why didn't this happen last week? Stupid Pavano

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