Some People's Kids: Culture of Accountability? Code of Conduct?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Culture of Accountability? Code of Conduct?

Cough, cough BS cough

Last night Cedric Griffin got tossed out of Spin nightclub and subsequently tagged for disorderly conduct by the Minneapolis police. It seems that the Vikings corner can’t afford a belt on an NFL salary. Griffin fought a bouncer and managed to get maced before all was said and done. One Dress code violation, a few hours in jail and 50 bucks later Griffin was free again to terrorize the town with his low hanging pants. He is the 6th Viking to be arrested in the last year and the first under Roger Goodell’s new No Fun League policy.

We at SPK are force to ask the question of whether Chili’s culture of accountability actually exists or if it is more like the Vikings “Kick Ass Offense.” Me thinks we have had the wool pulled over our eyes once again, it was merely something that Childress said when he took helm of the love boat. The statement was echoed when Koren Robinson got his DWI, but the same fate was not is store for DB coach (and main influence on second year man Griffin) Joe Woods. I also discovered that our best pick-up this off-season, Mike Doss, has a weapons charge.

I think Chili is a good Bullshiter. I think that’s how he got his job. He BSed his way onto Andy Reid’s coaching staff and turned around and conned the Wylfs into thinking that he had something to do with the Eagles success while he was there. I also think that the reason he was so cold with the media in Minnesota is because he couldn’t BS his way out of a loss. Does Doss become the next Tank Johnson? Does Childress’ “culture of accountability” actually weigh on his players minds? Will Cedric Griffin buy a belt? Did you know that the Vikings signed wide receiver Cortez Hankton? Me either.

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