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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Brother aka the NFL

It appears that JaMarcus Russell thinks that he has been spied on by and NFL team. According to an interesting article by Mike Freeman of Sportsline:

Russell claims that at one point recently an NFL team -- he says he does not know which one -- spied on him for a period of several days and possibly longer by assigning someone to follow him.

If this is true, which I believe it very well could be, the NFL is more fucked up then anyone of us every realized. What do you expect to gain by following someone for a "period of several days." For any of the men being drafted or being considered to be drafted, this time of their lives is the most scrutinized time they may ever face. By trailing anyone for a few days you will not gain anything.

If anything the teams should be trailing players on their teams that they have had problems with. Give Adam "pac-man" Jones a baby-sitter per say, and follow him, or give the Bengals ankle bracelets so you know there wear abouts.

I hope whichever team was spying on him found some reason not to draft him in those few days. So when Mr. Russell goes on to be some hall of fame player, all they have to say for why they passed on him was because of something they saw spying on him. Lame.

The picture is what I hope the spy looked like, although I'm sure it didn't come close.

Edit: here is the link

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