Some People's Kids: LUNCH BREAK: Loose Teeth Edition

Friday, April 27, 2007

LUNCH BREAK: Loose Teeth Edition

Where the hell was Boof with the retaliation? Ozzie would have chewed his ass out! I spent far too much time looking for this stuff on suck a beautiful day. I highly suggest checking out the Will Ferrell video with USC's center.

Torii talks about being hit in the face. (you can see the pitch here)

Baseball + Beer + Guns = angry cousins

Jeff Jordan (Michael’s son) walks on to Illini basketball team.

Pat Neshek interview: on whether he thinks hitters will figure out his pitching style-

“Well, I faced plenty of guys in the minors a bunch of times, and they never picked up on it, never really figured me out.”
Charles Barkley ask TNT to let him cover more Sonics games.

You’re about to face a hurricane!” The Vikings should pick up Will Farrell with a late round draft pick, then we’d have someone who could get to the quarterback.

Gilbert Arenas marks the start of an NBA Live curse on par with the Madden curse.

The Vikings may be able to lose an extra game each season if Roger Goodell has his way.

A-Rod loved by all baseball fans in the future? So crazy it might actually work.

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