Some People's Kids: Anyone hear about this Don Imus thing?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Anyone hear about this Don Imus thing?

The cries of Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton reverberated throughout America's morality for the past week and a half and hopefully finally ended today with CBS firing Don Imus. This comes as a huge relief for myself, not because American justice prevailed once again, but because we can FINALLY stop hearing about how much courage and strength is took for the Rutgers girls, and their coach to overcome such bigotry and hate. You have to be kidding me with this shit that has been everywhere for the last two weeks. Every time I turned on the T.V, turned on the radio, checked an email this was the lead story. I even got updates on my smart phone with the latest poll on whether or not Imus should be fired. I understand and agree with the majority of the U.S, that this is unacceptable behavior and you just cannot express that kind of opinion whether you are in a position such as Imus', or Joe Nobody, but come on, the only way a the story could have gotten any bigger was if a representative would have suggested that he would vote "yes" for slavery. Oh, shit...yep here it is. In Minnesota to boot.
After being worn down by days of constant badgering, it all came to a head tonight on the evening news, when the Rutgers girl and their coach were being declared national heroes. Someone shoot me! One of the Rutger girls was quoted saying "this will scar me for the rest of my life." WOW. I wonder what kind of classes are taken at Rutgers to prepare these "heroes" for the real world after they get done with school. I'm sure they will never be put in such an extreme situation again in their life, as they were these past couple of weeks.
Everyone at one point in their life has made an off colored joke, said something they shouldn't, or acted in a way that they themselves wouldn't condone. Every media pundit and gasbag climbs onto their high horse and shouts how terrible this act of racism, sexism, whateverism, is, and a few months later will find themselves on Youtube having sex with a dead hooker, smoking Meth, all while makin' it "rain."(See Marion Barry) This is acceptable behavior though???

The hypocrisy has grown mightily old and trite, and now the story has been around so long that only a blogger with nothing better to do would write about it. We just need to let these little instances go, just let it go. Go and brush your shoulders off, Rutgers ladies. Who really cares what old man river was talking about anyway. Lets just get over this!!!
America, take heed, " for they who cast the first stone, shall have no sin."

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