Some People's Kids: January 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wolves beat Suns

Here is how it happened.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I’ve never been the die hard NFL fan but imagine this, you are at a home football game of your favorite football team, college or pro, your seats are in the end zone. Your have the ball and are moving towards the end that your seats are in and they are down 5 with 40 seconds to go. Instead of being as quiet as you can be so that your quarterback can call the plays with out any background noise, all the home fans in that end zone, and the rest of the stadium for that matter, are screaming their heads off. Also, all the players on the home bench are encouraging this.


Doesn't this seem ridiculous? I sure think it does, and this is one of many different situations that could play out if the NFL commissioner gets his way. The NFL has plans to install radio headsets in all of the offensive player’s helmets. The reason they want to do this according to Roger Goodell is:

“I'm just trying to let our teams perform at the highest possible level in a way that will allow our fans to enjoy the experience as much as possible."

Taking the fans out of the experience doesn't let them "enjoy the experience as much as possible," it takes away their ability to affect the experience. I get to a decent number of college football games every year, what would they be with out the fans in the end zone cheering against the opposing team. I think that there needs to be a few comparisons drawn to this to put into perspective, so here goes:

v In baseball this would be like giving the batter and base runners radios so they could get calls from the base coaches. Do you ever see that happening??

v Also in baseball, the pitcher and catcher wearing radios, to get the pitch calls from the manager who is looking at any batters tendency’s on his lap top on the bench. I’m fine with the pitchers and catchers having to learn this stuff before the game.

v What if soccer players wore them, and you had a coach up in the press box saying pass it here or there, because they can see the field better.

v If you have anymore comparisions let me know in the comments.

Anyways I think this is a terrible idea and it shouldn’t happen, but what do I know. This is the link the the article that the story came from.


Ok so I know I just gave an ultimatum to the wolves, but this is really interesting. I think that this guy has to be the only person to suggest this. He suggests that the Garnett should buy the Wolves. Not that he has helped the situation by having wally traded, or other things he has requested, but it would be very interesting. I think I have to let this idea sink in a bit more before I will may my final opinion on this. Here is what Martin Johnson of the New York Sun wrote today on KG buying the TW:

"So if Garnett would like to stay in Minnesota, I have a modest suggestion for him that would cheer fans throughout the northern Midwest: Buy the franchise. Since Garnett arrived in the NBA at a young age, he has been richly rewarded and, according to the salary figures at, he's made $156 million playing pro hoops. He's earned several million more through endorsement deals (remember the Nike fun police campaign?). The Wolves are a small-market team, so their valuation is only about $303 million. With Garnett's wealth, which will grow by $50 million during the run of his current contract, he should be able to secure financing for the controlling stake in an offer of between $350 and $375 million to owner Glen Taylor.

What I'm envisioning is Garnett at the helm of a Minnesota sports consortium that could include other Gopher state sports legends like Dave Winfield (a hoops star at the University of Minnesota before his baseball career), former NFL great Chris Carter, and perhaps Twins World Series-era star Kent Hrbek. The idea is that the popularity of these figures would help build public support for the move. Garnett has been increasingly critical of McHale, and this is one way to kick him to the curb and stay in Minnesota.

Despite a track record that suggests that McHale doesn't know the difference between a basketball player and a beauty queen, Taylor has kept him in his position. A sale of the club would change things — and fast.

The move would parallel the fantasy of all of those who like their jobs but dislike their bosses. And it would prevent Garnett from becoming the tallest martyr in the sports world."

I know this is extremely unrealistic, but let me know what you think about this idea...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Look away I dare you

Is it weird that I can't look away from this??

Kevin Mchale is an......

Ok, so I have tried for the past 5 or 6 years to be a Timberwolves fan. Even though they were few and far between, there were some good days (see 2004 conference finals). Yesterday was one of the bad days, which seem to come much more often lately. Getting this team of Mchale's misfits to 20-20, even though they weren't expected to finish anywhere near the top, is fairly impressive. There is no way Casey needed to get fired, he was doing a good job with what he had to work with. They had lost 4 straight, two of which had to do directly with KG's little fight.

How Mcfail still has a job is amazing to me. Where has Glen Taylor been this year, I haven't heard anything from him all season. We need more owners like Mark Cuban in this league to stop things from getting stale like they are in the Target Center.

I am not a big ultimatum guy (and I know that I don't have any pull when it comes to what will happen down on 1st ave), but here goes:

If by the end of the season a few of the following don't happen I am going to stop being a "fan" of the wolves and become a fan of the Wizards:

1. Mchale has to go, no questions, he is what is wrong with this franchise.
2. Marco Jaric needs to be traded, I would be happy with another big man (see Nazr Mohammed).
3. Start buying out some ridiculous contracts: Troy Hudson, Eddie Griffin, and Mark Madsen.
4. Mchale has to go, has that been said yet??? He is the Matt Millen of the NBA.
5. This is a tough one. KG has to be traded. Get some picks back, and more picks and a young guy that can score.
6. Keep Foye, McCants, Blount, and Bracey Wright (I think he has a chance to be a really solid NBA player).

If nothing starts to move by the end of February I will no longer be a fan of the wolves.

(Go Wizards)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Some people have way too much time on their hands

I am going to say that the over/under on miles he will swim of the 3375 miles is around 2000.

I will take the under.

This is his website.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Don't stop this fight!!!

Good leather.... The drawing on the bottom is great.

It's back tonight, tune in.

14 % of their team has been arrested...hahaha

Melo + A.I. = a really big question.

Great article on Terry Ryan.

Micheal Cuddyer=young????

Buster Olney does a pretty good job over at ESPN but I'm wondering about this list a little. He seems to have lost his reference point to what a "young" player is. On his blog today he lists ten "Young players on the rise." Of the 10 I believe that there are only 3 that I would consider young. And our Cuddy bear seems to have been here for a long time, and how you would consider him at 27 young in the MLB and Rafael Furcal at 29 is definitely not young for baseball. I guess when I think young i think a younger then 24, that is young for sports. I mean if you consider this, Amare Stoudemire is 24 and has been in the NBA for 5 years and I wouldn't consider him young, maybe baseball is completely different and I am totally wrong. But anyway here are the 10 and their ages:

1. Howie Kendrick-23 young
2. Bobby Crosby-27 not young
3. Brandon Phillips-25 losing youngness
4. Robinson Cano-24 young
5. Rafael Furcal-29 not young
6. Rocco Baldelli-25
7. Chris Young-27 not young
8. Kevin Kouzmanoff-25 not young
9. Ryan Zimmerman-22 young

10. Michael Cuddyer-27 not young

"Before last season, Cuddyer was more renowned as a guy who couldn't lock down a position. But he established himself as the right fielder last year, playing 142 games there, and more importantly, established himself as the right-handed hitter who could create some solid balance between left-handed hitting teammates Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, hitting .284 with 109 RBIs.

In recent years, the Twins' starting pitching and bullpen has always been the anchor for this team. But in 2007, the middle of the Minnesota lineup may be most pivotal in determining whether the Twins will be contenders in late September again. The Twins are thin in starting pitching and have rotation issues to sort out behind Johan Santana, and desperately need Cuddyer and others to hit in a big way, particularly early in the year."

Go twins

Goodbye cut off sweatshirts!!!!

I don't really consider myself a huge Colts fan, so the fact that they won last night doesn't make me super excited, but I hate the slob that is Bill Belichick. Last night gave me more reason to dislike him. Right after the game last night you saw Brady walk straight over to Peyton to congratulate him on the victory, very classy guy. After that Peyton went to seek out the slob, he had to wait for a second because Dungy was speaking with him. When he finally got his chance Peyton went up to him and the slob just blew by him, hardly even looking him in the eye. Stay classy Bill. I will see if I can find a video of it, cause I am sure that I wasn't the only one to witness this. What an ass.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

I really don't know what I think of this....


Ok so I really can't decide what is scarier about this video:
-That scouts actually know who a 6 year old kid is because of his basketball talent
-Or that this kid is better at 6 then I ever will be.

Also there is some other kid name Marquise Walker, who has also been dubbed "nations best 6yr old." Here is a video of him at 3.

I wonder when these two toddlers will make their verbal commitments. I hope they're at least 10.


-From Barreiro's blog-
"The Bears had a reported 6,659 no-shows at Soldier Field on a mild winter's day in Chicago. For a town that likes to pride itself on having the most loyal fans in the world, that number should be mortifying."

oh how i love this fact. The bears are by far the worst team left in the playoffs and I dislike them...on a note that is sort of related the White Sox suck!!

-Crazy old man says that the wolves will probably buy out Eddie Griffin, so no more driving SUV's and watching porn stories in the TC.

-Throw in Troy Hudson too.

-Too hydrated?? Scary.

-Just step aside Mr. Favre. You know he'll be back though.

As you can see I have been really busy today at work... I am getting really good a looking busy, it is getting harder though.


The sports frog is becoming my favorite sports blog.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


This may be a post saying that I'm old but I don't care. I remember the movie Airheads from about 10 years ago there was a quote "if it's too loud you're too old." Well maybe I am too old.

I went to a show at the toy box in south Minneapolis on Thursday with heather. It was fun and all but I have one complaint about rock groups and concerts. Why the fuck does it have to be so loud? I couldn't hear one word any of the lead singers were saying. Not one the whole time we were there. If they would turn the guitars and drums down about 10 decibels we would be able to hear it. I don't know how they think it sounds good, you can't hear any of it and my ears still may be ringing, which has to be a good sign, seeing as this was 4 days ago. I love music and seeing bands live but it wouldn't it make more sense for the show to sound more like the music they record?? It seems like it to me.

Anyways, the bears beat the Seahawks today which kinda pisses me off. well i'm going to go watch the Wild go for 3 straight on the road, which would be interesting seeing as they are coming off 12 straight losses on the road, I read that Gaborik made it to the allstar game today, how does a player who missed 30 some games deserve to play in the All-star game. I don't get it, this is why fan voting for all-stars doesn't work.

go wild!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I feel bad for this guy

wow what a video...

And my head hurts from last night and too many boots

Friday, January 12, 2007


I never thought I would do this, but here I am creating my first post. Who knows how long this will last and if anyone will read it, but I sure do read enough of blogs I might as well write one too.

I am guessing that this will consist of the following:
-The details and inter workings of my life (this won't fill up much)
-Music "stuff"
-I read lots of stuff online so if when I find interesting info it will be passed on and there may be a comment or two
-At points this may seem to only contain sports but I will try to mix it up
-I find many things in life annoying, so when I find something new you may know

Those probably won't be all that I will write about, but it is a start.

Please stay tuned