Some People's Kids: EARS RINGING

Sunday, January 14, 2007


This may be a post saying that I'm old but I don't care. I remember the movie Airheads from about 10 years ago there was a quote "if it's too loud you're too old." Well maybe I am too old.

I went to a show at the toy box in south Minneapolis on Thursday with heather. It was fun and all but I have one complaint about rock groups and concerts. Why the fuck does it have to be so loud? I couldn't hear one word any of the lead singers were saying. Not one the whole time we were there. If they would turn the guitars and drums down about 10 decibels we would be able to hear it. I don't know how they think it sounds good, you can't hear any of it and my ears still may be ringing, which has to be a good sign, seeing as this was 4 days ago. I love music and seeing bands live but it wouldn't it make more sense for the show to sound more like the music they record?? It seems like it to me.

Anyways, the bears beat the Seahawks today which kinda pisses me off. well i'm going to go watch the Wild go for 3 straight on the road, which would be interesting seeing as they are coming off 12 straight losses on the road, I read that Gaborik made it to the allstar game today, how does a player who missed 30 some games deserve to play in the All-star game. I don't get it, this is why fan voting for all-stars doesn't work.

go wild!!!

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