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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I’ve never been the die hard NFL fan but imagine this, you are at a home football game of your favorite football team, college or pro, your seats are in the end zone. Your have the ball and are moving towards the end that your seats are in and they are down 5 with 40 seconds to go. Instead of being as quiet as you can be so that your quarterback can call the plays with out any background noise, all the home fans in that end zone, and the rest of the stadium for that matter, are screaming their heads off. Also, all the players on the home bench are encouraging this.


Doesn't this seem ridiculous? I sure think it does, and this is one of many different situations that could play out if the NFL commissioner gets his way. The NFL has plans to install radio headsets in all of the offensive player’s helmets. The reason they want to do this according to Roger Goodell is:

“I'm just trying to let our teams perform at the highest possible level in a way that will allow our fans to enjoy the experience as much as possible."

Taking the fans out of the experience doesn't let them "enjoy the experience as much as possible," it takes away their ability to affect the experience. I get to a decent number of college football games every year, what would they be with out the fans in the end zone cheering against the opposing team. I think that there needs to be a few comparisons drawn to this to put into perspective, so here goes:

v In baseball this would be like giving the batter and base runners radios so they could get calls from the base coaches. Do you ever see that happening??

v Also in baseball, the pitcher and catcher wearing radios, to get the pitch calls from the manager who is looking at any batters tendency’s on his lap top on the bench. I’m fine with the pitchers and catchers having to learn this stuff before the game.

v What if soccer players wore them, and you had a coach up in the press box saying pass it here or there, because they can see the field better.

v If you have anymore comparisions let me know in the comments.

Anyways I think this is a terrible idea and it shouldn’t happen, but what do I know. This is the link the the article that the story came from.

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