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Monday, January 15, 2007


-From Barreiro's blog-
"The Bears had a reported 6,659 no-shows at Soldier Field on a mild winter's day in Chicago. For a town that likes to pride itself on having the most loyal fans in the world, that number should be mortifying."

oh how i love this fact. The bears are by far the worst team left in the playoffs and I dislike them...on a note that is sort of related the White Sox suck!!

-Crazy old man says that the wolves will probably buy out Eddie Griffin, so no more driving SUV's and watching porn stories in the TC.

-Throw in Troy Hudson too.

-Too hydrated?? Scary.

-Just step aside Mr. Favre. You know he'll be back though.

As you can see I have been really busy today at work... I am getting really good a looking busy, it is getting harder though.


The sports frog is becoming my favorite sports blog.

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