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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Ok so I know I just gave an ultimatum to the wolves, but this is really interesting. I think that this guy has to be the only person to suggest this. He suggests that the Garnett should buy the Wolves. Not that he has helped the situation by having wally traded, or other things he has requested, but it would be very interesting. I think I have to let this idea sink in a bit more before I will may my final opinion on this. Here is what Martin Johnson of the New York Sun wrote today on KG buying the TW:

"So if Garnett would like to stay in Minnesota, I have a modest suggestion for him that would cheer fans throughout the northern Midwest: Buy the franchise. Since Garnett arrived in the NBA at a young age, he has been richly rewarded and, according to the salary figures at, he's made $156 million playing pro hoops. He's earned several million more through endorsement deals (remember the Nike fun police campaign?). The Wolves are a small-market team, so their valuation is only about $303 million. With Garnett's wealth, which will grow by $50 million during the run of his current contract, he should be able to secure financing for the controlling stake in an offer of between $350 and $375 million to owner Glen Taylor.

What I'm envisioning is Garnett at the helm of a Minnesota sports consortium that could include other Gopher state sports legends like Dave Winfield (a hoops star at the University of Minnesota before his baseball career), former NFL great Chris Carter, and perhaps Twins World Series-era star Kent Hrbek. The idea is that the popularity of these figures would help build public support for the move. Garnett has been increasingly critical of McHale, and this is one way to kick him to the curb and stay in Minnesota.

Despite a track record that suggests that McHale doesn't know the difference between a basketball player and a beauty queen, Taylor has kept him in his position. A sale of the club would change things — and fast.

The move would parallel the fantasy of all of those who like their jobs but dislike their bosses. And it would prevent Garnett from becoming the tallest martyr in the sports world."

I know this is extremely unrealistic, but let me know what you think about this idea...

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