Some People's Kids: Have your baby Joe, we got this

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Have your baby Joe, we got this

The Twins came running into the season with a full head of steam and handed Baltimore their first sweep of the season. God I hope this team can keep up this pace for the rest of the season, 162-0 baby. Ramon Ortiz was able to get into the 7th inning and walked off the mount without a homerun… if Silva can do the same I’ll be in heaven. I’m digging how fast Ortiz works a game; it means I won’t be tired when 4:30 comes around to kick me in the ass.

Luis Rodriguez has 5 infield hits this season so far… the fastest man with a limp is on pace to hit 270 of them this season. The Chairman had his first extra base hit of the season. Cuddy got 3 hits but took one off the face. Mr. White is still lacking in the hit category with one this game, but he’s been able to advance runners. If you were wondering Joe Nathan had a baby girl and most defiantly was not needed tonight. Nicky Punto had a CrazyGoNutz snag at the expense of Miguel Tejada in the 6th. Bring it Chicago; we’ve got your broom right here.

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