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Sunday, April 8, 2007

FSN is out of options

Minnesota has reached rock bottom. FSN North is now employing the 'KG Cam' to try to entice viewers to continue their watching experience. The 'KG CAM' consists of one camera that follows Kevin Garnett no matter where he goes. If you ever wondered who KG talks to while he is on the bench you no longer need wonder. It's Trenton Hasell and Mark Blount. I swear to god, if McHale makes it past June I'm going to kill myself. The man has ruined basketball in Minnesota.

Last Week the T-wolves got a .2 share of the market.

We are now no longer concerened with action on the court and now focus all attention on our superstar. How far are we away from naming our team the Minnesota Kevin Garnetts? If we have sunk to this level we should feel free to lose every single game prior to and after this horribly inefficient game. Free Bracey Wright!!! We need to see if he is worth keeping around and the world know that Jaric, Hudson and James are not worth the salary we pay them.

This team is in the dumps and will go nowhere without a new front office... its not the talent that is the problem at this point- its the people bringing the talent in. The KG cam = the self-destruction of the season

Free Bracey Wright!!!

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