Some People's Kids: Retirement is probably a good thing, Brett

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Retirement is probably a good thing, Brett

If Brett Favre does come out of retirement he's only going to make it one game. The Vikings were supposed to open the season and watch Favre's jersey retired at half time. If old man river does decide to play this season the Vikings will be on hand to see the man's final retirement.

I can see it now. Just before halftime the Packers have the ball a good 60 yards from their endzone and a tie game. In the Packers huddle Farve tells Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and whoever else they throw on the field to go long. In the Vikings huddle Jared Allen tells Ray Edwards that he'll meet him at the quarterback. The addition of Madieu Williams and the maturation Cedric Griffin and Marcus McCauley leave no cracks in the secondary for Favre to laser a pass through. As is his habit Brett holds onto the ball for too long looking to make something special out of nothing. Allen and Edwards crash into Favre simultaneously. There is a *SNAP* and a fumble. The fumble is taken the 40 or so yards down the field by Kevin Williams for a touchdown. The snap is the end of the hall of famer's career.

We spend the next week listening to ESPN debate whether or not Favre ever should have come back even though they've spent all of today applauding him for his decision.

If Brett can't make a decision about retirement the Vikings will make it for him. We need Tarvaris Jackson to be the best quarterback in the NFC Central and if it has to be by default this season we'll take it.


Jay said...

I like it so gruesome! Down goes Farve! Down goes Farve! I would like to see Tavarius just step up on his own and take his position, but if default is the way then so be it. MVP Bernard Berrian!!!!!!!!!

AdamBez said...

All this talk of Brett having an "itch" makes me think he needs to go see his doctor. If you leave that itch untreated it could get bad.

The Inevitable Muck-up said...

I'm sure that the second John Madden heard Favre had an itch he sent over a dump truck full of Tinactin. Then he got really excited when Pat Summerall drunkenly explained that ol' number 4 was ready to return to the football field.