Some People's Kids: An Homage to Kenechi Udeze

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

An Homage to Kenechi Udeze

Life has been pretty hectic lately, making posting on here a problem. Benny has kept it up nice, thanks kid, but I have something that I thought needed to be on here.

As I'm sure you most know Kenechi Udeze has leukemia. Since it is the off season, I hadn't heard many updates on how he was doing. Today over at Fanhouse, Stephanie Stradley had a great post on Kenechi, please go check it out.

More importantly, since leukemia is a hell of a disease, she has a suggestion for how you can honor Kenechi:

Though you can't directly help Udeze's fight against leukemia, you can honor it by joining the National Marrow Donor Registry. Normally, there is a cost to join the registry, but during the "Thanks Mom Campaign," from May 5-19, the charges to join the registry are waived for the first 10,000 online signups. You fill out the form, and then they send you a cheek swab kit by mail. Some irresponsible TV shows make it look like donating marrow is very painful process, but for most people it can be done in a procedure not much different than giving platelets.

If you consider yourself a Vikings fan, or a fan of life, please take the opportunity to join the Donor Registry. This is a way to show your true passion for the Vikings, support a player when they're really needing the help.

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