Some People's Kids: What to do with the 3rd pick as the draft approaches

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What to do with the 3rd pick as the draft approaches

When we first found out that the Wolves were drafting 3rd I said that we should select Brook Lopez. I said this because a big man is our biggest need. The problem is that almost everything is our biggest need. At this point there are 4 players I'd keep on this team Al Jefferson, Randy Foye, Sebastian Telfair and Ryan Gomes. Lots of Wolves fans will argue that only the first two names on that list should stay and will most likely call me crazy for including Bassy. Gomes is a better version of Craig Smith... both are undersized 4's, but Gomes does everything at a better clip and would make a very solid bench player if this team ever manages to field a playoff caliber starting five. I think Bassy will prove himself to be an important part of this team if they choose to resign him. He could very well be our starting point guard because I don't see Foye as the floor general.

Foye is a huge question mark. He is the reason why I've decided that the Wolves should draft O.J. Mayo. Everyone agrees that O.J. Mayo has superstar potential, Lopez' name has never been associated with the word superstar. In fact, Lopez scored last in two drills during the pre-draft workout that included 80 players.I know I compared Mayo to J.R. Rider a little over a month ago, but things have changed. The Wolves have enough ties to Mayo (Hoiberg 's college coach was Tim Flloyd) to get a real idea about the type of character he has. This kid had been touted as one of the next Jordans. His coverage in high school and even earlier is on par with Kobe and LeBron and he still managed to be a team player and someone who elevated his teammates game during his year in college.

The argument can be made that he did his own recruiting and told Flloyd that he would be playing for the Trojans, but if you know that you'll be in the NBA soon enough its a smart move to position yourself in a highly visible place and automatically be able to sign endorsement deals. A smart move made by a smart kid. His 29 on the A.C.T.s put him in the 95th percentile of all test takers. People will talk about the sports agent controversy, I know I did at first, but even if he knew what was going on, and he seems to have done a fair job of distancing himself from that situation, college players deserve more than they are given. I know that a free education is a big deal, but they rake in so much money for those universities and the actual cost for the university to cover one room, three meals and a couple chairs in a couple of classrooms per day per athlete is very minimal.

The Reason I was asking Bez about what he thought about Rashad McCant's trade value is that useing some combination of McCants or Craig Smith and out 2 second round draft picks I'm thinking we could find ourself somewhere between 14 and 20 in the first round. Somebody would be willing to do that right? Big men Projected to go around that area include. Brook's brother Robin (the defensive twin), Alex Ajinca, Kostas Koufos, DeAndre Jordan, Anthony Randolph, Roy Hibbert and Rider's Jason Thompson. Kostas Koufos would be my reason to move up in the draft and Randolph isn't a bad second option, although it would mean keeping Al Jefferson at the 5 spot.

What I'm saying is that taking a flier on a potential superstar sounds better to me than getting 10, 10 and 2 blocks from what will only become a mediocre center when we could very easily get that same type of production from a big man by packaging a few things a little later. If the Cav's had the 3rd selection and the best available player was a small forward they might want to move back. If the Lakers had the 3rd pick and the best available player was a shooting guard they might want to move back. That shooting guard position on the Wolves will be inhabited by Marco Jaric, Rashad McCants and sometimes Randy Foye... we can afford to pick up Mayo and see if he turns into something special.


Neubiedamus said...

Who figures out OJ Mayo's ACT score? Wow, in-depth,me boy... I'm starting to see the light about the OJ mayo. But do you see a guy like that really staying in Minnesota for very long? I see an opt-out in his future.

AdamBez said...

that's what scares me about the kid, but I think that this team is on the verge of something. And look at the 2 early picks we have in the 2nd round, which could easily turn into something in the middle of the 1st round. If we could still get Lopez/Love while also getting Mayo, it would be sweet.

The Inevitable Muck-up said...

Neubie- I don't mess around when start looking for the truth... if I run across something like an ACT score and it helps me form an opinion I'll share it with the 8 others that actually read this thing. Also, I don't see anybody coming out of college and hoping to end up in Minnesota as a high lottery pick. We just have to pick them and hope something gets them to stay.

Bez- packaging two picks and maybe a player will move us up in the draft, but I don't think it will get us Love. Lopez is a possibility around ten but how does he play without his twin? I think we'd be better taking a pick abck a couple of spots and getting Kostas Koufos. He was the #3 ranked center by Rivals coming out of high school, played on Lebron James' AAU sponsored team, plays for the Greek national team, finished second to his teammate for Ohio's Mr. Basketball and scouts are saying he would have been a lottery pick if he'd stayed at Ohio state for another year.

Neubiedamus said...

Great, now all we have to do is trade for Lebron too and its parade time...Him and Koufos could run the weave up and down the court... jk.

When I start hearing ACT Scores, I'm well aware that nobody is messing around anymore. Its all business. Any body like DJ Augustine? To me, hes the second best point guard in this draft, after the chosen one, and I would oots if we got him.

Jay said...

I liked the 95th percentile of all test takers. That damn test is only there to show who can take tests well and you just came out and said it. Added a comedic glance to your little shout! Also more carlin:

The Inevitable Muck-up said...

Like I said before I don't think anything we have to offer is going to get us much further up the draft than 15 and my guess is that Augustine goes between 10 and 15.