Some People's Kids: How bout a nice warm glass of SHUT THE HELL UP

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How bout a nice warm glass of SHUT THE HELL UP

I was going to say that this was a response to what muck-up wrote but it's really more of a piling on.

Taylor who never has the balls to rip anyone in his organization while they're here, once again showed he's a spineless pussy. He has yet to hold anyone who is actually at fault to any accountability. He either gets rid of the wrong guy (see: Flip Saunders & Dwayne Casey) or waits till the person leaves the club to rip them (see: again Flip Saunders and Garnett).

(hat tip for the image: 10000takes)

I don't know what he was expecting to accomplish by opening his mouth this time, but fortunately Garnett didn't fall for it. Here's the video from his game last night against the Rockets.

Thank you for being a bigger man Kevin. I hope Glen Taylor lost lots of money this week in the whole Bear Sterns debacle, if not, maybe he's invested heavily in something else that will fail in the near future, forcing him to sell the club. I know they have a bunch of picks in the upcoming loaded draft, but I don't trust the ass-holes running the club. I hope something changes in the near future for this team.

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