Some People's Kids: I AM LEGEND's Alternate Ending WAY Better

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I AM LEGEND's Alternate Ending WAY Better

This is the alternate ending for Will Smith's summer blockbuster I AM LEGEND. When I saw the film I was kind of disappointed in the ending. It felt too contrived. Somehow I like this one better, maybe because it reinforces the idea that the Zombies don't necesarily want to be cured and that they have become a second humanoid race roaming the earth. I should probably read the book so I know how it actually ends.

Anyway watch it while you can... Studios don't exactly like videos like this getting leaked on the internet.

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Neubiedamus said...

Yeah, this is 10 times better than the real version. I was so excited to see that movie and it turned out to be horrible, mainly because it just ended. This would have been much better.