Some People's Kids: Lunch Break: In your face Milwaukee edition.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lunch Break: In your face Milwaukee edition.

What a morning. Favre is done in Green Bay, well at least for now, I'm guessing it's not the last we've heard of him. The Big Lead was all over this story this morning. The flags are at half staff in Wisconsin, and the rest of the country is cheering, well they are here in Minneapolis.

New wild psychopath winger Chris Simon is a Blogger.
Well, I guess he's not a blogger but he told his story to Chris Snow. Here's a taste:

And, when I met with Jacques, it was a great thing, the way he explained my role. We had a meeting, and he said: "You're a hockey player first. You've scored goals in the past. I want you to play smart, physical. None of the other bull that has nothing to do with the game. If someone wants you to fight, you fight. You stand up for your teammates. No yapping."

That’s what in the past got me into trouble, the antagonizing, the verbalizing.

Once, during a game, I called Mike Grier a word I should never have used. I crossed the line. As soon as I said it, I knew I made a big mistake. Of anything I've ever done, that's the one that will stay with me always, the one that bothers me. It still does.

I apologized. He accepted my apology. And later, we were teammates in Washington. But, it's something that doesn't leave me.

In some site news, I may be changing the subject of this blog to strictly pac10 track and field. Allison Stokke is back and she is in College.

Also, so there isn't any confusion; St. Patrick's Day will be celebrated Saturday March 15th this year.

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The Inevitable Muck-up said...

I refuse to believe that Favre's career is over until training camp opens without him. I may not even believe it then. He might pull a Chris Webber or a Roger Clemens where he waits until halfway through the season to come back.