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Monday, August 20, 2007

All you have to do is catch a ball

Some days like today it is really obvious that catching footballs doesn't take the brightest human being. Dominique Douglas and Anthony Bowman, WR for Iowa, were suspended today by Coach Ferentz, after being arrested on Sunday for racking up over $2000 on a stolen credit card. To make it worse they stole hats and shoes. They play for a D-1 football program, don’t they get enough free stuff, and it’s not like they decided to buy a big TV or something actually cool with the stolen card.

For DD, a kid who was known as one of the best freshmen WR in the country last season, to buy hats and shoes with a stolen credit card is beyond dumb. He may not be in the same circumstances that one Pierre Pierce was in, but it has its similarities. He was set to make millions in the NFL in the near future, like Pierce in the NBA; all he had to do was make it through college with out being injured, or do something stupid. Then they both do something completely dumb and short sighted. Now he may struggle to get noticed, like Pierce who's trying to lobby is way in to the NBA probably as you read this.

If this all comes out to be true, which it seems like it easily could be I hope these two are far from the team. I know this will hurt the team but they don’t deserve the opportunity they just gave up. At least they’ll look cool all of there hats and shoes.

Well that's about all I have, now I'm going to go cross DD off the 2007 Iowa Football calender/poster my brother sent me today. It's a damn shame.

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