Some People's Kids: The Vikings: Guilty of Hypocrisy... again

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Vikings: Guilty of Hypocrisy... again

The other day the Vikes signed signed DT Fred Evans to a 2-year contract. Evans was selected by the Dolphins from Texas State- San Marcos in the second round of the 2006 draft. As has been the case lately the Vikings picked up a player who has recorded exactly two tackles in his career and played in only one game in the NFL.

Lets look at the list of players signed by the Vikings since their last regular season game: 1. Todd Lowber the Division 2 standout in Basketball and Track 2. Vinny Ciurciu special teams specialist! 3. Visanthe Shaincoe, career backup 4. Drew freaking Henson- enough said 5. Cortez Hankton, 5 years and 34 catches 6. Mike Doss is going to make an impact but the man came to camp with some outstanding legal issues. I'm going to leave Bobby Wade off of this list even though he is fairly inexperienced because he is actually going to have a positive impact on this team.

Oh yeah... I may have forgotten to mention that Evans has to go to court on Thursday. No big deal. He just assaulted an officer, resisted arrest and was trespassing. From what I gather Freddy Felony passed out in the back of a taxi and couldn't be awoken so the police were called. When the cops finally got our new Tackle out of the car he was none too happy about the situation and felt the need assault the officer and attempt to flee the scene. If you've ever tried to flee a scene after waking from a drunken stupor you know it fairly difficult and Evans was tasered for his troubles.

If the Vikings think that that Culture of accountability is going to work with signings like Evans they are badly mistaken. Think Cedric Griffin will take Freddy Felony and Mike Doss to SPIN one night? That would be fun.

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