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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I bet you didn't know

Are you sitting down? I have some huge news for the few readers we do have. I am sure that the following may come as a huge surprise. At least two of the writers on this site are huge Iowa Hawkeye fans. Yeah, I fucking said it. Go Hawks bitches. Don't be surprised by the previous statements, I did write about the Hawks a few times in the early history of SPK.

There are many reasons for a kid who has primarily grown up in Minnesota to be a Hawkeye fan. The following few attempt to explain that. I lived in Iowa City from when I was 9 months to about 8 years old. Both of my parents went school and worked at the University Of Iowa and I have a few friends from back then and tons of family who have attended Iowa (all passionate fans). When I was 8 we moved to Minnesota and you would think my allegiance would shift there. Absolutely not. I have lived in MN since about 3rd grade and have had no reason to become any sort of Gopher fan. Any school whose Football team takes a backseat to their Hockey won't bring about great things. I could have easily switched my "teams" while living in MN but there wasn't anyone I knew who showed any passion for gopher football.

The entire state of Iowa views the Hawks as a type of religion. Every Saturday in the fall the state converges on Iowa City. There is no such thing as a traffic jam in Iowa unless you're trying to get to the game. The place is like a carnival on game day; you've got tail gaiting everywhere, concerts being thrown on top of a bus that serves as a GIANT KEG and la piece de resistance, Big-Ass turkey legs. There is a dude who stands in front of his huge grill screaming, "Big-Ass turkey legs, I got your Big-Ass turkey legs hmear!" This is a site to behold. Hell, Muck and I got served as minors for the first time after a Hawks game. Compare those festivities to what goes on before a Gopher's football game.

To be honest, I can't remember any of my friends ever saying they went to games. My family has always been extremely passionate about Iowa Football. From when I can remember, the argument about who was better (Iowa state/ Iowa), with my grandpa has always been alive, and the Hawks always won.

The reason there has been such a layoff of the Iowa football subject is due to the poor end of the last season (minus the bowl game loss). The Ohio State game on was tough on any Iowa fan, and I have decided to completely move on from last year and only remember the Bowl game against Texas, which was a positive step in the right direction.

Over the past 8-10 months I have been looking for a blog on Iowa Football. One would think that this task would be simple; before those 8-10 months I would have tended to agree. Shit, Iowa has a very large fan base, and travel's well. All I was asking for was a blog, how hard was that. I guess it was hard, until yesterday (well maybe a few weeks ago, but I found it yesterday), when I found The Hawkeye Compulsion. This site is exactly what I was looking for; actually I don't think I could have described a better one, but I would like to thank dmbmeg, for showing it to me.

Well, anyway there are approximately 423 hours till kick off at solider field, which I will be unable to attend, I am going to the home opener though. I hope that the Iowa fans out there are willing to listen to what I have to say about this season, because this is only the beginning. More to come later, that was just me explaining myself, there will be much more coherent thought coming in the future.

I have two video's to leave you with and both great, one comes from The Hawkeye Compulsion and the other from my cousin.

Andy Brodell, I can't wait



dmbmeg said...

It's about time, right? I am tired of seeing all of these Michigan blogs.

Go Hawks!

AdamBez said...

Damn right. Thanks for pointing me to that site. Hawks by a million!!!