Some People's Kids: Devean George is Gangsta!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Devean George is Gangsta!

You guys may not have known that, but I have for quite a few years. My father and I always went to Augsburg to see George single-handedly crush the competition back when I was in junior high school. When he was drafted in the first round out of division III many may have scratched their heads. I knew it was deservedly so. You may be scratching your heads right now, sure he has three rings, but he was just a role player on a really good team. I cannot deny this, it is true. The thing is that George put a MONSTER block Jason Kidd today. I bet he knocked the wind right out of Kidd's sails.

Did the Mavs even play the Nets tonight? No. That sort of thing doesn't stop a man like George from wreaking his anarchic fierceness throughout the NBA.

Today, the Mavs attempted to acquire Kidd and forward Malik Allen for Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, DeSanaga Diop, Maurice Ager, George, 3 million dollars and two first round draft picks. That’s a lot of shit, right? Huge trade, right? Not gonna happen. Wait... is that right?

Devean George may have opened the NBA's equivalent of Pandora's Box by using a little know rule that allows players under one-year contract with teams that hold early bird signing rights to block trades like this. These rights cannot be traded along with the player and as compensation to that player they are given the right to block a trade.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that Dallas won't be following through with their early bird rights, but it was probably still in Georges favor to block this deal. His minutes have diminished this year, but he would have been sent to a team that now had 3 extra players and would have had to A: trade him once again, or B: put him on the far end of the bench on a team that most likely would have favored the role players that have been on the team since the season started.

His agent says the reason for blocking the trade was hold onto this powerful "early bird" rights that will give them leverage in a sign and trade deal in the upcoming off-season. The problem is that George's expiring contract is what the Nets are looking for and keeps the Mavs from taking severe cap hit.

Mark Cuban no es Feliz.

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