Some People's Kids: Vikes on the move.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Vikes on the move.

The Vikings are getting things going on the Defensive side of the ball early. They made their first free agency signing this morning. Hopefully more to come.

An all-night negotiations session with the Minnesota Vikings produced a deal that has made Madieu Williams a formal Bengal and now one of the highest-paid safeties in the NFL.
Williams, 26, agreed to a six-year, $33 million contract Friday morning after his agent, Ken Zuckerman, and Minnesota officials worked through the night to get a deal done. As both sides spelled out the final language of the contract, Williams headed to the airport Friday morning for a flight to Minneapolis to sign the deal.


Bernard Berrian is also reportedly coming to Minneapolis today to meet with the Vikings. Finally a local team spending some money on some talent that will significantly improve the squad. The Wilf's have given the team a go ahead to spend money. No matter how weird that guy looks, if he's willing to spend some money, I'm going to like him. Although, I think he's a little away from getting that stadium.

UPDATE: The Vikings have also signed former Gophers fullback Thomas Tapeh... looks like Tony Richardson will be playing elsewhere next year. Welcome back Tommy.

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Jay said...

So what does a formal Bengal wear when meeting his new team. It must be tough to get a tiger in a tuxedo??? hahahahahaha the spell master strikes again!!!!!