Some People's Kids: Doritos - Mouse Trap

Monday, February 4, 2008

Doritos - Mouse Trap

In an attempt to redeem myself for my lousy prophetic skillz I present you with the only commercial I loved from last night. When I was searching the youtubes I learned that this was part of a contest that Dorritos put on. I don't know why that last sentence was written.


insomniac said...

This was my favorite commercial of the evening too...well, aside from the Adriana Lima ad, which is in a category of its own.

Love the "Sometimes I make tags just to get you to click on things" tag. That's an instant classic.

And finally, thanks to whichever one of your estimable authors linked to my site (insomniac's lounge) on Sports Frog. I do appreciate it and will be sure to return the favor.

AdamBez said...

I'll take that credit, thanks for posting that video and checking out our stuff here at spk.