Some People's Kids: I will be Drinking Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I will be Drinking Samuel Adams Boston Lager

In commemoration of the Patriots eventual victory on the field of battle. A month from now I will drink Rheingold beer when Arlen Specter strips the Patriots of their last couple of Superbowls. Pats win 31-28 when Adam Vinatieri Stephen Gostkowski kicks a last second field goal. Lawrence Maroney wins MVP, not by actually being chosen but by snatching it from Tom Brady’s hands during the post game ceremony and stiff-arming every mutha fucka that tries to take it back. U begul shitting Uself if U think he’s giving that thing back.

He celebrates the victory with Kool-aid and Construda.

After the game Eli Manning is consoled by his mother while Peyton points and laughs, Michael Strahan calls Jean and tells her he is going to be a little late with the alimony.

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