Some People's Kids: A letter to T-Hud

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A letter to T-Hud

Listen, guy, you, I and everyone else who still holds some allegiance to the horrible basketball team known as the Minnesota Timberwolves know that you are not worth the 9 million or so that the team is offering you to leave. The fact that you feel that this offer is too low is ludicrous, Mr. Hudson. The writers of Forbes are among the only people who could ever agree that you are worth the contract you were given, and the world may never know why that is. Congratulations on becoming one of the many veterans to convince Kevin McHale to give you far too much money. Your name goes along side those of Joe Smith (twice), Michael Olowakandi, Mike James and Marko Jaric as the worst contracts in the Kevin Garnett era.

The world knows that once “freed” from this place you will serve as the back up to the back up on some basketball team with an equally pessimistic fan-base and no future playoff contention in sight. Do you know why? You are a cancer and believe yourself to be better than you actually are. Did Mr. McHale’s contract actually make you believe that you could play ball? I once saw the man tip his taxi driver $1,000 for knowing how to drive. He gave the doorman a five-year contract extension to a building in which he did not own, let alone live in.

I implore you to give up you shitty basketball career and embark on your new, equally shitty rap career (Via RandBall). Maybe you can convince Ron Artest or Ludacris to give you a 5 record deal based on the street cred that you gained growing up on the mean streets of Carbondale, Illinois. That is if you don’t come down with a bad case of bronchitis that prevents you from putting together those final 4 albums. (If you feel that this may be in your future you may not want to sign with Artest I heard he’ll be taking the Suge Knight approach to recording).

Take the money and run. You are the bane of my existence as a Wolves fan, Troy Hudson.



7/31 UPDATE: I just found out that Hudson's Album sold all of 78 copies in its debut weekend. Wanna see THUD at work? here is a link with a video

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