Some People's Kids: Vacation!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


We here at Some People's Kids feel the need to let our hair down every once in a while. What exactly does that mean? We're all going to find a nice piece of land in southern Minnesota that we like to call a cabin, drink too many beers, play bean bags for 8 hours straight and contemplate life, the universe and everything in it. It also means I'm gonna be free balling for the next four days. I think underwear is the devil. I love this weekend so much I'm going early just to pick a prime location for my tent and set off some fireworks. After I'm done with that I'll probably poor some beer out for my homies who couldn't make it; a Tibetan monk, a dewy duck, the birthday boy and Top Gun.
I know you're going to miss random pictures of Jessica Biel's ass or Jessica Alba in a compromising situation but deal with it. If you find yourself at the theater and have totally forgotten that I already wrote the film preview Just think WWMD -What Would Muck Do? You will survive my friends, I have faith. If you're dying for Twins news go to Aaron Gleeman, if you're dying for T-wolves news hit up I heart KG, If you're dying for Lynx news you should probably shoot yourself. If I were you I'd stop by RandBall too.

The pic at the top is from last year. all of the writers are in there somewhere. If you can pick me out of the crowd I'll give you a nickel. Unless I have given you a nickel for some other reason.

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