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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Online Dating

The sportsfrog just had this up on their site so I though that I would see where we fall. It turns out we're potty mouths here at SPK. Oh well my life will go on. It says we used the following bad words:

  • shit (6x)
  • suck (5x)
  • shitty (3x)
  • asshole (2x)
  • poop (1x)
Honestly I'm kind of disappointed by this. I would have figured it would have been much worse. Well I guess by doing that those numbers just went up one each, lets work on making this list longer.


1 comment:

The Inevitable Muck-up said...

Fuckity, fuck, fuck. I've seen worse language in children's films. Those cocksuckers don't know what they are doing.