Some People's Kids: American Gladiators were (and still are) Awesome: Part 2

Thursday, May 3, 2007

American Gladiators were (and still are) Awesome: Part 2

Cause I know people love the American Gladiators and I wanted to keep writing about it, here is part two.

There are a few things about what I have watched on American Gladiators in the last few weeks that I don't remember, but one of these has just about hit me in the face it was so funny. I honestly don't remember the Executioner. He was a judge dressed up like a hooded executioner, and it was really funny.

This member of the cast was cut after the first year, and I can't see why they would scratch such a lovable character. I bet the guy who came up with this guy also got let go.

With a little and I stress the word "little," research I found a page with "where are they now bios." From this list, and take it as the most credible source on the internet, these people are all over the place, some in good places some bad.

Wesley "Two Scoops" Berry-
*Rumored* to be doing 10-20 years in jail for armed robbery of a California bank

Scary, what would you do, wait a second, better question, why does he need to be armed? Anyways, I don't know how much I can or want to write about the AG's anymore, but this site I found has entirely too much information about the American Gladiators.

"It's about winning"

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