Some People's Kids: Lunch Break: A Brat And A Beer Edition

Friday, May 18, 2007

Lunch Break: A Brat And A Beer Edition

In honor of Bez' trip to see the Twins and Brewers play in Milwaukee, and the fact that I, too, will be in the land of 10,000 beers over the weekend we bring you the Brat and Beer Edition of the Lunch Break. I have full faith that the rest of the contributers will be able to consume one or the other over the weekend as well. Lets start off with the stinky Twinkies.

The Twins are scary when even Santana can’t get a win. Never thought I’d say this, but where the hell is Rondell White? ohh yeah... did we mention the latest injury news?The hometown hero will be out for a little longer than expected. Never fear... Howard Sinker reminds us how the Twins looked last year.

Batgirl is hilarious as always: Top 10 reasons why C.C. beaned Morneau.

Mat LeCroy, or Matthew Le-Croy as Bert calls him, makes Bugs and Crank’s worst team ever.

The Onion unleashes some truthiness on us when digging deeper into the Brett Favre trade request.

Bill Simmons breaks down how while being just as effective as Duncan, Garnett’s teams are unable to produce championships.

You guy seemed to love the American Galdiators that we thought we’d bring you a crazy AG video found by the Postmen.

Preach, Henry, preach. Tayshaun Prince wins games.

Barron wants a contract extension, people all over the bay area simutaniously scream “Pay the Man!”

The Suns owner was literally robbed by the NBA with the suspensions of Stoudamire and Diaw

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