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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One reason I hate the White Sox

I don't know if this is really early but this kid is excited for this upcoming weekend. Myself and 5 friends are heading to Milwaukee for the Twins Brewers series, and I know the Twins aren't playing the best baseball as of late (except last Sunday, whatever that was), but any baseball road trip always brings about excitement. My goal is for this trip to go better then my last baseball road trip.

This story is not the sole reason for my hatred of the White Sox, but it has really brought the hatred to a new level. This story is going to be long, but it's worth it.

Last September 25-27th a friend and I decided to meet some friends in Chicago to check out the Twins/White Sox series. We took the Mega-Bus there (first sign this trip was going to be bad), which I will never do again, and I suggest no one ever do either. The bus was swerving all over the place and when we stopped half way some guy pointed out that our rear tires were pretty much completely balled. After a Quick stop we continued the trip, at about 6:30 am, we were approaching the suburbs of Chicago, when all of a sudden a big bang and we were swerving all over the road. Fortunately he gets us across three lanes of rush hour traffic to the shoulder. We sat road side for about an hour, we were supposed to arrive at the downtown bus station at about 7am, and we ended up being about 3 hours late.

Well we were alive and now we were in Chicago. We got on the train and headed out to my buddy's brother house on the north side of Chicago.

It was a beautiful day and after dropping our stuff off at his place is was almost lunch time so we met up with a friend in Wrigleyville, where we proceeded to drink some beers. The day was going fast and after lunch we messed around a bit in Wrigleyville, and then headed to this friends place to sit out the porch a bit before heading down to "the cell."

It was a great night for outdoor baseball even if U.S. Cellular isn't a great park. We got there early enough to watch the place fill up. Everything was going along well, besides the score, the twins were down 3 after 2 innings. In about the 4th inning my friend and I decided to go grab a beer and he was going to have smoke. We got out to the concourse and saw this girl smoking, who besides the smoking, and being a White Suks fan was pretty attractive, so since smoking tends to be a social activity we went over and joined her. After my friend took a few drags, a security guard came over and asked them to put them out, apparently there are designated smoking sections in the concourse, after being asked to stop my buddy took one more drag and put it out.

Next thing we knew, this power hungry security guard was all over my buddy. Acting like he was going to kick him out, so I thought that I would try and step in, not a good idea. Before I knew it I was thrown up against the wall then pulled to the ground, handcuffed and being drug down the concourse. While being drug down the hall the guard was yelling at me to stand up as he was wrenching on the hand cuffs he had on my wrists, which was making it virtually impossible to stand up.

I was taken into a holding room in the basement of the stadium and cuffed to a wall. I was there from about what I think was the 5th inning on, it's hard to say because I had no idea what was going on in the game. Finally I was taken out of the stadium and transferred to a nearby precinct for booking. I was charged with battery, or how they described it "illegal touching." We were there for about an hour, and when I left there to be taken down to the 9th precinct for the night I was leg shackled to a kid who was busted for selling crack to an undercover cop, seems like they really work hard to match up "criminals."

The cell I spent the night in was cold, which is to be expected, but I wasn't offered any food the whole night. To top it off the cell had feces on the wall. I spent about 8 hours in their. Everyone was release at about 9am; I didn't have a phone, because I had thrown it to my buddy so he could get a hold of my friends and family. So I borrowed a phone from a sox fan who had been arrested for getting into a fight and called my friends and the came down and got me.

What an ordeal. The twins did win though, torii hit a clutch homer and somehow punto hit one too.

I went back in October for my court date and everything was dropped before I walked into the court room. All I had to do was apologize to the guard, fuck him.

As we were walking out a women the guard was with says to me, "next time you're at Cellular behave yourself." This pissed me off more then any thing in this entire deal. You don't fucking know what happened, keep you damn mouth shut and get a real job. All you are is a security guard for the 2nd class baseball team in your city. U.S. Cellular sucks, the fans are terrible, the cops in Chicago are corrupt, security guards in general and especially at the cell are power mongers.

Fuck the White Sox!!!!!


Well, that’s my story; I hope it is nothing like the trip this upcoming weekend.

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