Some People's Kids: Pick up Keyshawn! whats the worst that could happen?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pick up Keyshawn! whats the worst that could happen?

Keyshawn Johnson just got cut by the Carolina Panthers. Please, for the love of god, pick him up Vikings! I know he runs his mouth, but he is a proven wide receiver and that is exactly what this team needs. He may get on his coaches nerves but Childress claims to be a disciplinary coach... lets see if that is true. Adding a player of this caliber may actually turn a team that's hoping for 6-7 wins into a playoff caliber team.

Maybe the guy could teach Troy Williamson how to catch the ball, maybe he could do the same with the incoming receivers and since there is no veteran quarterback on this Vikings squad he may also have picked up some things from his former QBs to pass on to Tarvaris. Keyshawn may not be a solid number one in most people's eyes but he is better than most twos and will benefit greatly from a running attack like the one the Vikings will possess next year.

A one year contract based on incentives can do no harm to this team... either its a failed experiment or something that helps out a young offensive squad.

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