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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Camp Fight Club

Summer is always the time for kids to go to camp. Parents send their kids to many different instructional camps. The Minnesota Wild’s Derek Boogaard has started a first in sports camps; fighting camp for hockey players. Sounds kind of like Fight Club, I wonder if anyone has multiple personalities. Derek is doing this camp with his brother Aaron, who just recently signed with the Pittsburg Penguins.

With people who are unfamiliar with hockey wanting the fighting aspect out of the game, this is sure to anger some. Be sure though Derek and his brother Aaron will not be teaching kids how to hurt other players. There will be no stick to the throat or tackle from behind drills. The majority of the camp is focused on balance, and technique of holding the other player.

“One of the radio stations said it’s a stupid idea, but that’s all right. No big deal. All the parents were happy with it, and we’re not teaching them how to hurt anybody.”

Fighting in sports is such a weird subject. Just last weekend you have the Cubs/Padres bench clearing brawl and only 2 players get suspended, Carlos Zambrano even took his belt off to do who knows what and he didn’t get suspended, he kept pitching. About a month ago two players from the suns walked 10 feet from their bench, didn’t touch anyone and got suspended. Earlier in the season the Knicks and Nuggets get into a little fisticuffs and people are talking about how our culture has failed and we should shut the NBA down.

Well I guess the people who get all bent about this are the main stream media anyways, who for the most part blow these thing out of proportion. Shit any time there is a fight that doesn’t involve a cheap shot (see stick to the throat) people want to see it. I think the fights in the NBA are more comedy then they are destructive (there are some exceptions: see Ron-ron). MLB won’t change their policies, they’re too worried about steroids from years ago, well maybe in 5 years they’ll go back and try to suspend more people involved in that fight last weekend, like they are trying with steroids.

The NHL will always have fighting. There are no two ways about it, it is needed in the game. If it’s not there too many people will get hurt. It is good to see a professional athlete teaching the right way to do his skill. Keep it going Boogey.

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