Some People's Kids: Lunch Break: Manual Labor Edition

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lunch Break: Manual Labor Edition

Bring your shovels August 2nd to the new Twins stadium, manual labor. They are going to save so much money if they can get volunteers to dig this big hole.

This Elijah Dukes guy is really delusional. Here is an interview with him. He talks about the street value of crack without being asked about the street value of crack.

The following video is from the illustrious bradyfan82 via Sons of Sam Malone. This has to be one of his best videos yet.

"I under threw him a bone." Wow.

I wish we would do something like this at my work place, go Best Buy.

When IMU sent this to me he prefaced it with, "so this makes no sense and probably isn't a good link but check this out." A Monopoly movie?? weird...

If you're looking for a job the and the Timberwolves dance coach doesn't intrigue you the Packers are hiring.

Longform over at the haus with a great notion to move the NBA draft to July. Makes compete sense to me.

After a game like the Twins had last night it's always intersting to read the opposition beat writer's take on the situation.

Jessica Alba just wants you to leave in the morning.

I might come back, if you don't mind.

I might be Chubby for her, but I'm sure not Chubby for Tubby, Gopher fans are scary. Check out this page where you can send in a picture of your cubby (sfw I promise).

1 comment:

Nick said...

Maybe Elijah should move over from crack to meth, it can't get any worse can it? Man this guy is retarded, can you say crack baby? I couldn't even listen to the whole interview, it was like watching a crack baby hitting himself over and over again.