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Thursday, June 21, 2007

In Theaters Tomorrow…

There are three films coming out tomorrow and I’m not so sure I have faith in any of them. John Cusack and Samuel L. “mutha’ fuckin’” Jackson spend approximately 2 hours in or around a very scary room. Please use an Elmer Fudd accent when saying the last three words of the previous sentence. Steve Carell tries to cash in on a bit part he did prior to his quality roles that he is known and loved for. Brad Pitt produces and Angelina Jolie stars in a film about the life and death of journalist Daniel Pearl.

1408 is based on a Stephen King book by the same name, which I have never read. Stephen king’s work when translated onto film can either be very good (THE SHINNING, THE GREEN MILE, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION) or terrible (SECRET WINDOW, DREAMCATCHER) Did you know he wrote THE RUNNING MAN? Crazy. John Cusack plays a man who spends time in “haunted” rooms and then writes about how nothing happened… until the Dolphin Hotel. I dig Sam and I also really like Cusack, plus they cast Tony Shalhoub so I hope that the film is good. King says that he is very happy with the trailer and that it really reminds him of THE SHINNING, but is it good or bad if the writer praises the trailer?

EVAN ALMIGHTY picks up a few years after Jim Carrey made Jennifer Aniston’s breasts bigger. Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) is now in politics and was recently elected to congress. Morgan Freeman comes down from heaven and tells the congressman to build an Ark a la Noah. Hilarity ensues. I think. Chances that the moral of the story include something about the environment and global warming? Probably pretty good. It sounds like Universal spent way too much on this film (visual effects, big ass boat, probably some water) but that is neither here nor there. Lets hope that Carell, Wanda Sykes, Molly Shannon and John Goodman can make me laugh and forget that I’m watching the sequel to a film that only slightly entertained me one day.

A MIGHTY HEART is the film with the smallest release and the one that will either be great or make you say, “What were they thinking?” This film is based on a true story that happened not too long ago, but may have escaped your memory. Daniel Pearl was a journalist who was abducted back in 2002 while in Pakistan trying to do a story on Richard “ I got a bomb in my shoe” Reed. Pearl was the journalist who had his beheading released on the Internet. The film’s story focuses more on his wife Mariane’s attempt to locate her husband between the time of his abduction and the time of his death. The film was shot guerilla style in India, sometimes using the crowd that follows Pitt and Jolie everywhere as a backdrop for the media that followed Pearl’s wife around as she searched for her father and Jolie and Mariane are friends so this was made with her blessing and her guidance. The major problem I have with the film is that Jolie is white and Mariane is of mixed race, why wasn’t someone like a Thandie Newton given a chance to play this part. Beautiful people get Oscar noms for uglying up and Jolie switches race when it suits her. I feel Jolie, who act like Mother Theresa if she had slept with everybody, should have sat back, helped produce and let a different actress play this part.

Box office should look like this- 1. EVAN AMLIGHTY (with a little help from the big guy) 2. FANTASTIC 4 Numero dos 3.OCEAN’S 13 4. KNOCKED UP 5. SURF’S UP

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