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Monday, June 4, 2007

Mid-Year Resolutions

Ok, so I really don’t know for what reason I haven’t had anything to write about for the past few weeks. Maybe it’s a little but of all this nice weather, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve had a lot going on at work, probably has a lot to do with my infatuation with a certain discussion forum or something that I can’t really think of. I mean, shit, it takes me about 15 minutes to write a typical short post. I know you are amazed at the quality I can pump out in 15 minutes, I’m just that good.

I have never heard of people ever doing mid year resolutions, but since it is the 6th month of the year June; I am going to start anew. I am going to try and post at least 3 times a week, that can’t take too much effort. As I say that I’m going to do this, I already know that it’s not going to happen this week due to a work trip to Vegas.

Here we go, this past month had giving us plenty to talk about, from this Allison Stokke character, with whom my friend below was a few weeks late on, to the Timberwolves draft lottery getting First seventh pick and we already know what’s going to happen with that (bad things, welcome to Minnesota Mr. Noah), the Twins starting their annual work to move back into contention in the AL Central, to Lebron James taking Cleveland, the NBA, Disney(espn/abc), Ohio and anyone else who wants to get on his back (like KG in this commercial) into the NBA finals.

Lebron is getting all the comparison now that at age 22 he has brought his team to the finals. I truly believe that he deserves said comparisons, even if he doesn’t win the Finals. The ratings for the finals will be significantly higher due to him; it is all about money anyways. I even had a conversation at work today with people who aren’t basketball fans about LBJ. His supporting cast is fairly week so it’s kind of a shame to see they don’t have a pick in the 1st round this year (Phoenix owns theirs). With this draft supposedly so deep it would be interesting to see what they could do with another solid player.

This draft coming up is really intriguing and that’s a subject I plan on writing about more in the next 3 weeks until the draft. Today Mr. Abbott over at TrueHoop did a story on Greg Oden’s pre-draft athletic tests, and these results are remarkable. I have always thought the old man kid was good but after I read this story I’m kind of scared of him. Check this out:

Oden is faster than Durant in the 3/4-court sprint, quicker in the lane-agility drill, and has better numbers in the running and standing vertical leaps. And, Oden has a mind-boggling 7.8 body-fat percentage ... most big men are north of the 12 percent range. For instance, other top-rated big men such as Washington's Spencer Hawes (13.0), Duke's Josh McRoberts (13.7) and Pitt's Aaron Gray (10.8) don't compare.

His wingspan is 7 feet, 4.25 inches (fourth best in the draft). His standing reach is 9 feet, 4 inches (the highest of anyone in the draft). His standing vertical is 32 inches, his running vertical 34 inches.

If this kid isn’t good he will be one of the biggest wastes of pure ability to come into the draft in long time, maybe ever. His capability shoot opposite handed free-throws this year is so impressive for a big man, it’s almost like that ambidextrous pitcher from Creighton, and well I guess that comparison is a little crazy, but it’s still really extraordinary.

Well that is a very small tip (insert dick joke here) of what you and I have missed in my lame three week hiatus from this site. Just in writing this I have forced myself to hold back so I have other topics to discuss here, hopefully they will be enjoyable. Oh and by the way, the White Socks Suck.

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