Some People's Kids: NBA News and Notes

Thursday, June 14, 2007

NBA News and Notes

  • The Spurs won the title again, which means the Pats will win the Super Bowl just to spite San Antonio.
  • Michael Finley is one of the few Spurs players left who deserves a ring.
  • Tim Duncan is still a bitch.
  • Tony parker is marrying a succubus. (and won MVP)
  • LeBron still needs help in Cleveland.
  • Robert Horry has enough championship rings to auction one off on E-bay when he gets poor.
  • I watched the first half of game 4 in spanish. ( had to make it interesting some how)
  • Juwan Howard is now a member of the Wovles. (goodbye Mike James and Justin Reed)
  • Bracey Wright is still locked up somewhere in the basement of the Target Center
  • I love you grandma. Remember that time I threw up a bunch of orange soda on the merry-go-round? or watching "Get Smart." I'll try to get there soon.
  • Its harder to type when you've been drinking
  • Falco ist tot

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