Some People's Kids: Beisbol!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I’m totally stoked that pitchers and catchers report to spring training next week. Finally there is something worth watching and I don’t have to bite my fingernails in agony as the Wolves wait until the last second to beat a team with a 17 game losing streak. Even better, we locked down The Chairman (Mauer) for the next 4 years. I don’t want to put any pressure on my favorite team in the whole wide world but we should probably think about wining the World Series this year. Everybody and their mom knows that Torii Hunter and Johan Santana will be playing in New York or Boston as soon as the Twins decide not to shell out the cash.

The Twins have signed Nick Punto to a 2-year deal and Lew Ford, Juan Rincon and Justin Morneau to one-year deals. The only player still on his way to an arbitration hearing in Michael Cuddayer and I hope to god they sign him up for at least 2 years. If I were Terry Ryan I’d be trying to extend Morneau’s contract and con Johan into extending his contract. Do whatever it takes to get a couple more years out of the greatest pitcher to put on a Twins uniform send a hundred fire trucks to Venezuela if that’s what it takes. Still, this season we’ll have the lineup that should have been together from the beginning of last year. Punto and Bartlett will take the left side of the field, Cuddayer should take right field if all goes well and if Gardy and I have anything in common he’ll throw Jason Tyner in left field. I don’t care if he can’t hit a home run, that dude can catch anything and throw the ball a mile. I think I just creamed my pants a little bit thinking about baseball starting.

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