Some People's Kids: Duluth is a cool city!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Duluth is a cool city!!

The Wizards played here in Minneapolis yesterday and it doesn't sound like it went very well, all around. They had about a 15 hr delay, got to see Duluth, and had no hot water after the game. On top of that they lost. Here is the story from Agent Zero's blog:

Minnesota Nightmare
You all want to hear a story? This is a story people need to be reading on.

Man, we leave Chicago at nine o’clock in the mornin’ to go the plane -- in the mornin’ son, in the mornin’, we in the mornin’, this was nine in the mornin’.

We get on our flight, (this is straight out of Die Hard, I’ve seen it in Die Hard plenty of times), headed to Minnesota and we’re 300 feet away from the ground landing and we have to pull back up because it was all ice.

So, now we’re hovering over the airport for three hours! We’re hovering over it for three hours and running out of fuel, so the pilot says, “We got 30 minutes of fuel left, and the closest place is 20 minutes away.”

So we made an emergency landing in, I don’t even know … Sambook? Sambooki? Oh right, Duluth.

We landed over there and then we sat on the plane on the ground for another two hours. They finally got us a bus and it took us four hours to bus there because the roads were still all snowy and icy. We didn’t get to our destination in Minnesota until 12 at night.

15 hours of traveling, yes sir. What did we do to stay occupied? Complain. I complained for at least 12 hours of it, and the other three I was asleep.

After we lost to them, we went to go take a shower and there was no hot water. It’s 20 below outside, and the water was 10 below. How are we supposed to take a shower?

I had to get about 12 evian waters and use the warm evian waters to take a shower. Actually I had to re-take a shower when I got back to New York because I felt all itchy from all the soap that stayed on me.

It was like my AAU basketball days. Just straight AAU basketball when you go from one city to another city just stinkin’.

We gonna cut off they hot water when they come to our city. See if KG likes the feel of that cold water. It was so cold that I almost went in their locker room and took a bath in their Jacuzzi. The water was cold man, it was cold."

Duluth is a cool city though. Hopefully they start winning here soon, they get caron and antwan back soon so it should start happening.

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