Some People's Kids: The Ghost of Tony Dungy

Friday, February 9, 2007

The Ghost of Tony Dungy

Remember that time the Vikings had of Brian Billick and Tony Dungy as coordinators and let them slip away? Well Dungy is back, sort of. For the second time in two years the Minnesota Vikings have hired one of Dungy’s assistants. Leslie Frazier spent this past season as an assistant coach with the Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts giving him 2 championship rings (the first was as a member of the ’85 Bears). Prior to working for the Colts he spent 2 seasons as the defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals. He also worked with Brad Childress as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, so lets hope that he is used to Childress’ less than friendly attitude towards everything in the world except his “awesome” mustache.

Frazier is familiar with the Tampa 2, and what is even better is that he’s better against the pass, the only major downfall of a stellar Viking defense. Now all we’ve got to do is hope that our Pro Bowl run stuffers can remember what Mike Tomlin taught them. This defense could be fun to watch but my guess is it will last for 3 years max. We’ve got a 2-time Super Bowl winner, former college head coach who took his team to their first conference titles and has already been a defensive coordinator. If our defense plays the way it did last year, and keep in mind that the Bengals had a solid D before everybody got arrested, he’ll be given a lot of head coaching interviews. The Vikings may never be able to get Tony Dungy back but it looks like they’ll continue to try and get his philosophy back year after year.

Side note- Looks like that Herpes outbreak that shut down Minnesota wresting came from Valentine High School in Nebraska. Seems like a Valentine is always giving you Herpes.

Today Norbit and Hannibal Rising are being released in theatres. You could spend $9.00 on a ticket to one of those films, or you could spend the same amount of money and actually enjoy your evening by renting the first Nutty Professor and Silence of the Lambs. They are the same thing… you disappoint me Eddie.

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