Some People's Kids: Streaks Beware!!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Streaks Beware!!!

I was lucky enough to go to the Suns/Timberwolves game almost two weeks back. I was even luckier when we got great tickets for free (thanks amber). I was expecting quite the showing from the Suns, since the wolves had been anything but spectacular this season, which the suns had been. What we got was anything but expected, the wolves ran the fast pace suns out of the building winning by 9 points. That game ended the Suns 17 game winning streak.
The wolves are about to approach another team on a 17 game streak. This time it's the Celtics, who could be come Sunday, be on a 17 game losing streak. I sense some parallels here. Team on long streak meets team on roller coaster. Something has to give, and I think that it's going to the the Celtics streak.
I know, Pierce is out, Wally is hurt, and they're trying to lose games (see durant/oden lottery), but I still feel that they can beat the wolves on Sunday. I mean look at their roster, they have Al Jefferson and...... wait who are those guys and why are they on an NBA roster?? There are too many similarities for this not to happen, and I was just told that the wolves have a better recored against teams with over .500 then teams below the .500 mark, well I guess we'll see....

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