Some People's Kids: Carr to Fitzgerald....Touchdown Vikings!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Carr to Fitzgerald....Touchdown Vikings!!!

As speculation starts the rumor mill churning, purple and gold hopefuls are desperate for a change in Minnesota. That change could come in the form of Larry Fitzgerald and David Carr. Fitzgerald would immediately improve the Vikings wide receiver core that is widely considered inept, even by layman's standards. Trading a second round pick along with Troy "Hands" Williamson and possibly Jerman Wiggins, I believe would be sufficient enough to persuade the Cardinals to depart with their number one attraction. The Vikings would love to have a hometown boy come in and put fans in the seats right off the bat. This could potentially improve the public sentiment towards the Vikings and they may even consider a seven county sales tax increase to fund a new stadium. Ummm...But then again, who would be tossing the ball to our our new hometown "Baby(Joe Mauer) Jesus??? David Carr of course. Why not bring in another middle of the road quarterback to fill in for awhile, while Tarvaris Jackson sits in the back room continually smoking enough pot until he morphs into Michael Vick, albeit with a higher completion percentage. We could convince the Texans front office to do this with our third round pick in 2087, so they could pick a huge run stopper, such as Ryan Cook back in the day, and become a perennial dynasty for the next ten or so years.... They did pick Mario Williams over Reggie Bush, so my proposal is still within the realm of possibility, but I digress. Worst case, Carr sucks, cant get the ball to Fitzgerald, and then we get subjected to watching Bollinger run around like he is directing a circus or watching Jackson get through a thirty interception "growing" season. Best case, Carr will be the next white Randell Cunningham for a season or two and possibly bringing us to the NFC championship game where Ryan Longwell will miss a 15 yard field goal against Atlanta to go to the Super Bowl. In any case, the sound of Carr to Fiztgerald would be relished compared to the agony of a 3rd and 20 slant pass for two yards of yester-years. As the March 2nd free agency period rolls around, there will be no doubt, that we'll be in for an unforgettable Vikings treat one way or another.

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Neubiedamus said...

I like the post Bits... but let me lend some opinions of my own.... First of all, I don't want David Carr here. Mainly, because my girlfriend wants to marry him and that would be much too easy of access. Hes better looking than I am and much, much richer. Saying that, I think I might be able to play football better then said former Number 1 pick...
I do, however, agree with you about Larry Fitz. I practically have 1/8 of an orgasm just imagining the possibilities of him in a Vikings Uniform. However, I don't believe that Arizona would ever think of parting with their up and coming superstar. First off, they used a number 3 overall pick on him and he has done nothing but exceed the expectations of that high of a pick... Secondly, hes a model citizen. Every Vikings fan knows that we don't go get a guy that hasn't broken a law or at least promised us that he will when he gets here. Arizona has something great going down there right now with all those weapons on offense and now, a coach, that will know what to do with them. I would stick to being a closet Cardinals fan if I were you... their future is much, much brighter than your favorite hometown squad's is. The idea is nice though... getting rid of our trash to get a serviceable player or two. What would you say to the possibility of a Jake Plummer coming here. True, he wont lead us to the Super Bowl, but he will help make us watchable, which is just about all I want right now from this squad. Though he has not been officially released yet from Denver, he was pretty much out the door the second they drafted Jay Cutler. What I am trying to say is that anybody else would be an improvement at this point. I'll shut up now.