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Friday, February 16, 2007

Timberwolves 2.0

Weird, the Timberwolves are hovering around the 8th playoff spot at the all-star break; that never happens! There are changes that must be made in order to ensure a playoff berth, but first we must review the first half of the season. First order of business: Mike “who” James. First thing that comes to mind is overpaid, the T-wolves managed to get a shoot-first point guard who can’t shoot. Remember that time we had a guy by the name of Chauncey Billups on our team? Alas, hindsight is 20/20. Second order of business: Eddie Griffin. Could someone explain why this guy is still being paid by the organization? I’m not even sure he’s good for trade bait just terminate the damn contract. Third order: Dwayne Casey. I don’t think Case deserved to get fired, but then again I felt the same way about Flip when he got fired. How balance control over a team with primadonna players who have the ability to get you fired? Finally: Marco Jaric. The guy wants a trade and I hope he gets it, but Kevin McHale is our GM so that probably won’t happen so shut up and play forward… stupid point guard.

The bright spots on the team this year are our rookies, Mark Blount and having Rashad McCants come back from a surgery that has a stigma attached to it. I like that Randy Foye is starting and I don’t care that he didn’t have the greatest game last night. Foye is the future and I’ll let him learn on the job when James isn’t performing at a high level. I say let James ride the bench, let that chip on his shoulder build up and maybe he’ll remember how to play the game again. I’d make one more change to the starting line-up, but not until after the Phoenix. I want to take Trenton Hassell out of the starting lineup and put McCants in his place. Nothing at all against Trenton, he’s a great role player, but he’s not a scorer and Rashad can play some D too. Now, if we could roll Jaric, Troy Hudson and Mr. Hardwood into someone taller than 6-8 that would be fantastic. Once again, the Wolves probably won’t make any changes to their line-up and when we start calling for McHale’s head he’ll shout, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” and Glen Taylor will say “yes great and powerful Oz.” I like watching Kevin Garnet, Mark Blount, and the rookies play. I even like watching Mark Madsen run around like a bull in a china shop. I’m just sick of being stuck in the middle of the pack.

Free Bracey Wright!

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