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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Usually you can't look away

But this is one train wreck that I will not stare at. I turned the wolves on in the 3rd quarter last night watched for 5 seconds, just enough to see the score, and immediately turned the channel. I got the final score texted (lost by 28) to me on my phone and so I flipped it back to see if witman was on, sure enough there he was. The camera was right in his face, you could tell he was really pissed. I feel bad for this guy, he was thrown into a terrible situation, he may be a good coach but it's not going to happen with this roster and this situation.

Since Mcfail fired case due to "inconsistency," are we going to fire witmen anytime soon. I guess they have been more consistent since he became coach. They have lost 4 of 6 which is under the .500 mark they were at. It is just the wrong type of consistency they were looking for. I know even without Yao the Rockets have played pretty well, they are the #1 defensive team in the association, but a competitive game would be pretty nice to see.

I know I gave the organization until the end of February to make some changes, but I doubt I will make it that long. I have already found myself checking the wizards box scores more. Go wizz

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