Some People's Kids: Dear Bracey Wright,

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dear Bracey Wright,

Two friends and I recently started a sports blog, Some People’s Kids, and even more recently began writing letters like the following to people in and around Minnesota sports. Our goal is to establish a few connections and gain an understanding of what its like behind the scenes. We were hoping you could answer a few questions about the Timberwolves and your life in general. Before any of the questions scare you off I want to tell you that I truly am a big fan of yours and believe that you are being underutilized by a team that desperately needs to change things up. All right, here it goes:

I’ve got this thing going- Free Bracey Wright! - I want the T-wolves to throw you a solid 20-25 minutes at you and see what you can do. What do you think your stat line would look like if you had that kind of time to play against a division rival?

At the beginning of the year you refused to go back down to the D-league. Now that you’ve had a year would you rather play every day down there or rack up 122 minutes and 41 points so far this season? Could you describe what it’s like to play in the D-league?

Were you disappointed in the coaching change since you had just started to get playing time under Casey? What are the major differences between coach Casey’s style of play and how you guys play under Coach Whitman?

Do you and the younger guys on the team like McCants, Foye and Craig Smith hang out on off days? Who would you consider your mentor on the team?

The team went crazy when you scored your first points of the season, but all the papers say there is no team chemistry. What is your take on the chemistry issue?

I heard you rip shit up in practice and you’re a 3-point threat (#3 on Indiana’s all-time list), why don’t you get more minutes? Maybe if Whittman didn’t recognize you he’d play you, Ever think about pulling your braids out a la Ben Wallace?

Were you in Las Vegas and if so was it as bad as the media portrayed it?

Most eastern Europeans that I’ve met have a funk to them, is it hard to be near Jaric after he’s had a long game?

I’ve noticed that you have a lot of tattoos, could you tell us which one is your favorite and why?

You scored 19 points against the Grizzlies, what’s it like to have such a great game in the playoffs in your first year?

39 points in a college game is impressive- what are the chances North Texas makes it out of the 1st round of the NCAA tournament this decade?

You guys need another big man on the team badly, were you angry when you didn’t get one before the trade deadline? Do you think you’ll pick one up this off-season? What does the team look like next year? Do you think you’ll be with the T-wolves next year?

What do you think about Forbes declaration that Kevin McHale is the best GM in all of sports? Outside of the obvious I find it funny that the man is not even the GM, but the President of basketball operations.

I’m the guy that’s been asking why the Wolves got rid of Chauncey Billups for years, I think that if the Wolves don’t see your potential they’ll regret it a few years down the road. I want to thank you for being the player I can still believe in (outside of KG) on a team that is sorely mismanaged in every respect of the game. Any questions you feel comfortable answering would be tremendous; any response is better than nothing. I can be reached at . (BRACEY WROGHT BACK!)

Thanks for your time,


Free Bracey Wright!

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